World’s 12 strangest Guinness Book of World Records!

There is no shortage of strange people in the world. You will find many such people in every corner of the world who are not less than a wonder in themselves. There are some wonders, practice for many years to make the Guinness Book of World Records, make many sacrifices and then when they make the records, then they become famous worldwide overnight.In the desire to move away, some people have done such acts, which no one would have ever thought about. Today we are going to tell you, strange records recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
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1. Record of longest legs

World Records

Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina is the longest-legged woman in the world. She is the world’s longest professional model. His left leg is 132.8 centimeters and right leg is 132.2 centimeters long. The world records of the longest legs in the women’s category is named after Ekaterina Lisina. Before them, the record was with Svetlana, a Russian woman. The length of each member in his house is more than six feet.

2.Longest eyelashes

World Records
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Chinese woman Yu Jianxia holds the world record for longest eyelids. The length of Yu Jianxia’s upper left eyelid was measured 12.40 cm. Their eyelashes are 12.40 centimeters i.e. 4.88 inches long.

3.World Records of Longest nails

World Records
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Ayana Williams, a resident of Texas, USA, holds the record for having the longest nail. The length of their nails is 8 feet 10.9 inches. Ayana has been growing her nails for the last 20 years. Let me tell you that it takes 20 hours to polish their nails.

4.The fastest ballooning record

World Records

Whenever someone asks us to inflate balloons, we get tired of inflating two-three balloons. In Colorado, America, a person named Hunter Even holds the record for the fastest balloon blow in an hour. Ivan set a world record for inflating 910 balloons with his mouth in one hour.
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5. Earns crores of rupees at the age of 7

World Records

Ryan reviews toys and has its own YouTube channel, which runs under the name Ryan Toys Review. This includes cars, general toys, action figures, etc. He reviews toys at his home and his parents upload those videos. A mere 7-year-old Ryan earned Rs 155 crore a year and joined Forbes’ list. According to YouTube, Ryan’s Challan has a total of 1.73 crore followers. His channel has received over 26 billion views in total.Ryan’s parents started the Ryan Toys-Review Channel in March 2015

6.The cat with the longest tail

World Records
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There is a Guinness record for the longest tail of a pet cat named Cygnus. The tail length of Cygnus is 44.66 centimeters.

7.The tallest nest of hair

World Records

Benny Harlem of Los Angeles, USA is the highest top fed, the tallest nest of hair. Benny Harlem takes two hours to make his hair and takes care while passing through the door, otherwise 2 hours of hard work can be wasted. He has not had his hair cut for 10 years. He has a Guinness record for the highest top fed (a kind of hairstyle in which the edge hair is cut but left to grow the top hair). The height of their top fed is 52 centimeters.

8.Fastest Cube Solving

World Records
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Felix Jamdeg, who lives in Australia, has the lowest record of soliciting a Rubik’s Cube. The student, who hails from Australia, had solved the cube in just 4.73 seconds.

9.The heaviest bicycle

World Records

Belgian engineer Jeff Peters has created the world’s heaviest bicycle. It is being told that the weight of this bicycle is 860 kg.

10.The longest hair

World Records
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Nilanshi Patel of Gujarat has become the world’s first teen-ager at the age of 16 by growing her hair 5 feet 7 inches long. With this, he has created a world record, which has been recorded in the Guinness World Record. Nileshani, a resident of Mahesana, says that at the age of 6, the hairdresser did not cut her hair well. Then she decided that she would never cut hair.
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11.Body made house for bees

If a bee stings you, a shimmer is produced inside your body. But China’s beekeeper Xi Ping plays with bees. Yes, Beekeeper Xi Ping made a world record by sitting 3 lakh 31 thousand bees on his body.

12.Oldest bodybuilder

World Records

Jim Arrington of America has been participating in bodybuilding competitions for the last 70 years. He is 84 years old. This year he has made it to the Guinness Book as the oldest bodybuilder.

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