Will the Planet after the second world war no longer exist?

If our world is changed by one thing than anything else, it is war. During the second world war, May 8, 1945 i.e. ‘day of victory in Europe’, surely that day was not the last chapter of the war. . Japan was badly defeated, the army of Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allied coalition forces.

And history entered a new era, the world took necessary steps towards a new world order based on the balance of power between the superpowers. After the end of the war, America emerged as a military superpower. America overtook Russia in the development of nuclear weapons.
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Formation of NATO(world war)

world war

After this, nuclear power itself was considered to be the scale of being powerful in the world. Russia too soon joined the race. Russia’s desire to regain its dominance over Eastern Europe was shattered by the ambitious dream of a less contentious new world order. This led to the formation of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and a permanent engagement between the US and Western Europe over military and diplomatic matters.

In a webinar (online seminar) organized by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) this week, journalist and historian Annie Applebom noted that “this development gave rise to the concept of the West. It was a coalition based on values ​​that only borders It wasn’t about the thoughts but about the thoughts. “
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Beginning from zero

But this cannot be said about Neto alone. As Professor Michael Clarke underscores reminds that there used to be a whole network of organizations. Professor Michael Clarke says, “The structure of the international institutions that existed before the war is now very little left.” But more than 1919, it was sensible that a new world order would have to start from scratch. “

“The United Nations was a major achievement in this direction. Then came the Bretton Woods Economic System (the trade agreement between the United States, Canada, countries of Western Europe, Australia and Japan), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Britain was very effective in this process. But America’s strength was decisive. “

“Almost all international organizations depended on how much the US was interested in establishing them and how much they supported them. A very different kind of international system existed in the fifties and sixties outside the purview of Western-dominated organizations. I came in. This international system is now under pressure because its political foundation is changing rapidly. “
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Economic power in Asia

There is a reason for this as well and nowadays it is a part of the daily news agenda. It was emerging China. The axis of economic power was changing in the Far East and Asia. Even in the democratic system of western countries, popular political currents were emerging. Look at Neto’s internal struggle for example. President Trump has questioned the importance of Neto for America and allied countries like Turkey and Hungary are showing more authoritarian attitude than before.

Annie Applebom says that the separatist attitude in America’s foreign policy can be seen by linking it with the dominance of the Republican Party. She says that there is a rift in the system based on Western values ​​and a new generation of politicians who run it are now deciding. Now there is hardly any politician whose roots are associated with the period immediately after the war.
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Contrast with contemporary history(world war)

It is not that China’s debut on the plank of international politics has just happened. He has been a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations since the beginning. Michael Clarke says, “Even before the war and during the war, America had a particular concern about China. However, now it is not mentioned as before. It happens. In the new world order, America always saw China as a superpower even before the rise of communism. “

“As a force that has the potential to strike a balance against the old monarchy of Britain and France. So America was shocked when the control of China passed into the hands of the Communists in 1949. This problem of America remained until 1972. Now, given the role of China in the world, America seems to be falling prey to disenchantment again. “
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Countries like India, China

King Lawrence College Professor Lawrence Freedman seems to agree with Michael Clarke. Professor Lawrence emphasizes that the issue of China was different during the Cold War. “Like today, 20th-century China was not seen as an economic technological threat. The end of the post-war world order is not the weakness of America, but it is a symptom of it. America now regains the same position Is trying to do. “

“The newly emerging world order depends on this simple fact that more than half of the world’s population is living in the countries of India, China and South East Asia. This determines the economic geography of the world. Their power in national political power It changes and it makes a place in the political structure of the world accordingly. “
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Pandemic of Covid-19

So, is the world going to change with the crisis of Covid-19 epidemic? Michael Clarke says that the world after the epidemic is not going to be confined until the ‘century of Asia’. But it will have an impact and some real changes will be seen in the coming decades. He says, “China is going to suffer long-term damage. The first is that the way it handled the epidemic is being criticized politically and the second is that it is fearful of others over the supply chain How China deals. “

Although what will be the international system of the post-Kovid-19 era, it is too early to say. Yes, it can be said that after the Second World War, the way the spirit of public service and brotherhood was formed, it would be better if anything, but the indications are that it is unlikely to happen.

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