What is the Modi government doing for migrant laborers.


Corona virus is a disaster that has shaken the whole world. Till now, there has been unimaginable economic damage and millions of people have died and migrate.

Millions of families are scattered. Children are orphaned. This is such an unprecedented situation, due to which the whole world has stayed here.

This has never happened before. Everything we are seeing some time before now could not be imagined but what is in front cannot be denied.
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central government has also faced this challenge before itself and is doing it continuously.
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How effective are the steps of the central government

The Central Government has been fighting with full force since the beginning of this disaster. And its effect is visible to the people of the country and the world. Because of Prime Minister Modi’s timely steps, the percentage of people who are cured in the country of 1 billion 30 crore people is more than thirty percent. India is being appreciated all over the world.

Yes, it is true that a lot of people are still infected with this disease. And many priceless lives have been destroyed which are very unfortunate.
But it is a matter of attention here that the developed countries where the health systems are so strong, how bad there is. But the Indian government is fighting its war on the strength of its limited resources and to some extent the situation here is not as bad as abroad.
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What is the government doing for migrate workers?

The central government is being held responsible by the opposition parties for the deaths and sufferings of the workers. On technical grounds this is not true at all. The central government is doing everything possible to overcome this crisis at its level. But it is not getting the expected support from the state governments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said five times in his message in the name of the country that wherever you are, stay there and do not get out at any cost.

Shortly after this, the central government appealed to the state governments to take care of the laboring brothers and sisters in the states. The next day, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also announced a package of one lakh seventy thousand crore rupees. After this, it was announced to provide five kilo ration and one kilo of pulses free of cost to all the migrate laborers.
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The Central Government put 6195 crore rupees in the PDS system of different states for this. To save the labor brothers from the tragedy of walking on the roads, our government has clearly told all the states that the railway station they want only three Trains can be ordered on hourly notice.

Clear information was given by the Ministry of Railways. The Railway Ministry is also arranging for the food of the workers going to such trains.
Not only this, the central government is trying to help immediately, as well as working towards resolving the far-reaching crisis.
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Financial aid efforts

The central government has planned to create possibilities in the MNREGA for migrant workers when they reach home. Because migrate laborers do not get work in MNREGA. But now these workers returned from the cities will get work in MNREGA. For this, the central government has allocated the necessary funds. At the same time, the government is also very alert and sensitive about the future of street vendors.

In this country, at least 50 lakh people make their living by planting hawkers. The government has allocated five thousand crore rupees for this class. The government is working so fast that money is being allocated immediately after the announcement. Economic funds have been allocated for many of the announcements made yesterday and the day after. Money has been sent to the states. With this money, the state governments have to give free ration to the migrate workers for three months.
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The government has started the One Nation One Ration Card scheme to remove the problems related to food and drink of migrant workers. Three months have been given to implement it. But during this period, arrangements for giving free ration have been made for three months. The special thing is that the central government is spending itself for this which has not happened till date. Now many people are also saying that why the government is not coming forward to help the migrant laborers the way the government works at a rapid pace in the time of natural disaster.

The only answer to this question is that the government has not hidden any weapon in dealing with this disaster. And the government is engaged day and night to save the huge population of such a large country.
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