What is Self-Reliant India Campaign.

First of all, try to understand what is this self-reliant India campaign and what does it mean? Self-reliant India This means that we should have the ability to make self-reliant, that is, what our people need in our country, we can build ourselves.
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Self-reliant India:

Self-reliant India means that in India, the people of India can make whatever they need. We in India should have such ability.

Self-reliant India campaign

As we know, to make India a self-reliant India, we need to make whatever we need or should use only what is made in India. But our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said to spend a few rupees (20 lakh crores) to make India self-reliant India which has been called self-reliant India campaign.

The campaign launched to make India self-reliant India has been called the Self-Reliant India Campaign. It was said to spend 20 lakh crores in this campaign.
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Why was the name given

In her speech, the Finance Minister explained why this campaign was named ‘Self-Dependent India Campaign’. How to increase growth in India by including small and big businessmen, laborers, farmers, rich people, poor people, society and even all the ministries etc., how to make India self-dependent, hence its name is self- Dependent India campaign has been kept.

India’s small and big farmers, laborers, businessmen, whether rich or poor, join the people of all these societies together and raise the GDP in India to make India self-dependent. It was called Bharat Abhiyan.
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What does it mean?

As we know that India has a lot of talent. People of India should stay in India and manufacture good products for India so that we do not have to depend on other countries. For this, the self-reliant India campaign was started in India.

The Prime Minister has also said in his speech that today India is standing at such a place that it has to decide itself whether we are ready to be self-reliant or not. Along with becoming self-dependent, we can also support the whole world.

After becoming a self-dependent India, it is not that the import and export of goods in India will stop.
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How to become a Self-Reliant India:

You must have heard in PM’s speech that ‘Vocal for the Local’. This means that we Indians should buy more products of Make in India and Made in India and also use it. Also, other people should also be encouraged for this.He has also said that the big companies which have become global today were also small one day.

PPE kits, masks and ventilators used to be manufactured in India before the Kovid-19, but there has been a sudden increase in the manufacture of PPE kits in India after the arrival of the Kovid-19. This shows that there is a lot of talent in India.
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Self-reliant India will stand on 5 pillars:

  • Economy: For this, not only incremental change but quantum jump has to be brought. That is, the growth of GDP should be rapid.
  • Infrastructure: An infrastructure that will become the identity of modern India.
  • System: This will be the system that will make 21st century dreams come true.
  • Demography: A demography that will provide energy for a self-reliant India.
  • Demand: This demand means that the supply chain that is our economy needs to be used to its full potential.
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Benefits of becoming a self-reliant India:

Those who have faced difficult problems due to lockdown in India should be given maximum benefit. Due to the lock-down, farmers, labourers, small businessmen, big businessmen, even those who paid tax honestly, have faced difficult problems. To deal with these difficult problems, the Government of India has announced a relief package of Rs 20 lakh crore as ‘Self-reliant India campaign’

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