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What is Netflix and how does it earn. This question will come again and again in everyone’s mind. But I want to tell you that this is ​​a streaming service. Now you must be asking another question what is this streaming service. So let’s know in detail what is Streaming Service.

Earlier you wanted to watch any TV serial or any movie, then you either watched it on TV at home. Either you used to go and see the theater hall. You must have heard the names of Youtube, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, this is all video streaming services. If you go to YouTube and watch any video easily. That is, it is called Streaming Service.
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That is, On Demand Service. You can see everything you want to see whenever you want. That is, this is done Streaming Service. In this, whenever you want, you can see whatever is available in it. Hope you know what a streaming service is. But what do you need to use it? So lets know.

Now you need three things to use this thing. The first is Internet. Second is you need a Smartphone or any screen. Be it TV or table or laptop. The third thing is you want a subscription. If you use Youtube, then you will know that YouTube does not charge any subscription, you get it absolutely free.
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How it earn?

But here if you want to use Netflix, then you have to take subscription here. Still, the question will be arising in your mind that how it earns money now and what is its business module. The work of Netflix is ​​that if you want to watch something in it, then you have to take a subscription plan there.

If you take a subscription here, then this money goes to Netflix money. You will not get to see any advertisements here. According to a survey, Netflix has about 41 lakh Paid Subscriber after coming to India. That is, you can guess what and how Netflix’s earnings will be.
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Netflix also provides this service in 40 other countries including India. Netflix has arrived in India after 2016. Before that Netflix did not come to India because of the net. Netflix ventured into India after Jio Service came out.

When did Netflix start

Talking about Netflix, Netflix starts in 1997. Earlier Netflix used to sell CDs. Netflix used to deliver CDs to the home. Netflix began selling streaming CDs and started streaming service in 2007. After that he got the audience permission to advertise On Demand TV Show, Movie for free.

Netflix was the first to purchase the copyrights of Movie and TV Show and provide the trimming service to everyone. But Netflix has started showing its content by showing its desire for On Demand. That means neither copyrights have to be taken or not.
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Netflix mostly entertains by showing original content mostly on its service. You get this content only on this service of Netflix. That is, if you want to watch this content, then you have to take subscription of Netflix.

What’s the difference between Youtube and Netflix

In Youtube, you can streaming any content you want for free. Everyone can upload videos here on YouTube. Youtube shows you every video for free, so in this you have to see ads in between. Ads of Youtube are earned. In which Youtube earns 45% Ads and the video uploaded by you in Youtube is 55% if it comes to Ads.

If we talk about Netflix here, then you will have to pay money here for Stremaing, that is, you have to take subscription. Not everyone can upload video here. Here the content on Netflix has to be seen. You have Paid Subscription here, so you will not get to see Ads here. Netflix’s income is your subscription.

You must have easily understood what is the difference between Youtube and Netflix. So here, let’s talk a little about the subscription plan of Netflix.
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What is Netflix subscription price

1) Netflix Basic Plan: In this plan you get 500RS. Charge Pay will have to be done. In which you will not be able to watch streaming in HD and Ultra HD. You can login by looking at the same place. This means that your plan cannot run simultaneously in some other place. You can run this plan in Laptop, TV or Phone and Tablet.

2) Netflix Standard Plan: IN this plan you get 650RS. Will have to pay In which you can watch in HD but you will not be able to watch in Ultra HD here. If you get this plan done, then you can login from 2 different places. You can also run this plan on anyone, whether it is TV or Phone or Laptop.

3) Netflix Premium Plan: In this plan you get 800RS. Have to pay. In which you can do streaming in both HD and Ultra HD. 4 people can login this plan from different places. That is, if you want to share this plan between 4 people, you can. Along with this, you can run this plan in anyone.
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4) Netflix has just launched another plan. Netflix has 200RS for Mobile User. Has launched a new plan In which if you want to run in Netflix Mobile, then you can also activate this plan.

I would like to tell you here that you do not have to do any Charge Pay in Netflix in the first month. Here you will get the first month plan for free. But here you have to give your Card Detail to use Free Plan. After that, if you want to run the next month also, then you will be automatically deducted from that card.

If you cancel the plan 3 or 4 days before the end of the month, then you do not incur the money for the next month. Pay attention here that whatever plan I have mentioned, they keep changing according to the time. It is very important to know the plan before making you Plan Activate.
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How to start it?

To start Netflix, you have to follow the steps given below

1) First of all, you have to like your Member Plan on Netflix.

2) After that you will have to create an account by entering your email ID and password.

3) You have to add your Payment Detail here. You will get First Month Free. If you do not cancel, then you get the charge for the next month.

4) After doing so, you can do streaming by login.

Remember that no charge of any kind will be charged here for the first 30 days. You can cancel your plan anytime. If you do not cancel the free plan, then you will be charged on completion of your trial.

Hope you have understood this very well. You must have liked this post from us. If you want to get any kind of information and you want to ask any question or you want to give any suggestion, then you must tell us by commenting.

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