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Hi friends, You must have seen a corpse sometime in your life. Whether he was close to you or unknown. But there is one thing that you must have felt sad to see that corpse. Have you ever thought that this corpse can feel something? I mean their body is with us. But not that person and his subconscious mind. The thing inside them that kept them alive is gone somewhere for Forever and not going to come back. How weird to think, Right. So let’s Read What happens to “COMA” patient?
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But friends think about that corpus which is alive, can breathe. And can be alive anytime. This is your bodies very special condition. People could never have thought about it, in the 17th century or earlier. In this condition, like a person sleeps in a deep sleep. And his brain works like a dead corpse. And it is precise because of this situation that it was named “Coma”. The word which is derived from the Greek language and its meaning is “The Deep Sleep”.

In ancient times people used very strange ways to wake up this patient. like burning there any body parts or freezing their body at a very low temperature. And bleed from his head or making stomach acid empty. But of course, none of the techniques worked. And that’s why it became clear that there is a difference between coma and sleep. The patient of a coma looks exactly like a dead body but there is a lot of things are going on in his body. The truth of which unfortunately medical science is not fully understood till now.
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And also, all these patients state is completely different from each other. This means that treatment that works in one case may not work in another case. But what is exactly happening in the body of a coma patient? predicting this is not simple but if you remain with us till the end then you are going to get very useful information. (You are reading the article What happens to “COMA” patient?)

In this case first, we need to know which type of coma is it. It can result from many things, like meningitis or any dangerous disease, major accidents, any physical injury, medically induced coma. Coma can be induced medically for the reason of drugs overdose inpatient to calm their hyperactive brain. Or to avoid any brain injury in the hyperactive brain.

So friends are there any difference between biological and medically induced coma. Well, the unconsciousness in different types of coma is not the same. And to understand its seriousness, a measuring scale called “Glasgow Coma Scale” has been invented. In this scale, coma can be assigned a rank of 3 to 15. Where 3 is Deep and serious coma and 15 is that type of coma in which patient is conscious and can respond.

Now you imagine if you see any of your close patients yawning in a state of coma, you will be very happy. But it’s not so happy. Because there are chances of being in a state of the vegetative coma of the patient. In this case, he can do physical movements like yawning or smiling but his brain is actually operating at a very basic level. Since he can’t react on any external stimulus, Even he can’t listen or understand you. (You are reading the article What happens to “COMA” patient?)

Catatonia coma:-

In this type of coma patient can’t do any physical activity. Even for breathing, they need the help of machines like an artificial ventilator.
So friends this type of coma is still not dangerous in Comparison of next types of coma. And there are chances of recovery of the patient.
But the case of “brain death in a coma” is a situation where the brain in died because of physical injury, accident or any harmful disease. And performing only automatic functions of the body. Like digestion or pumping blood which is inbuilt in our passive nervous system. But other than that this brain can’t perform any other function. In this type of cases, the doctor may say that “Chances of survival of the patient is very low”. But actually, there is no chance of survival.
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In this type of coma, the patient is brought into the state of consciousness frequently by “Strong External Stimulus” Like strongly hurting, or rubbing his chest. In this type of consciousness even if the patient is not understanding things but his eyes can do movements. Actually, doctors are not accepting stupor as a coma. Because in the state of coma patient can’t come into consciousness.

Friends I know after listening to this thing you are assuming that coma patient is totally unconscious. With no brain activity. And even they can’t escape from this situation. And the doctor’s also can’t help this patient. But why it is shown in movies that after listening to the voice of heroin; the hero comes into consciousness. Well, surprisingly there is some reality.

A research that was published in the neural rehabilitation & neural repair general in 2015. According to that, there had an experiment. In which it was found that which patient listened to the voice of their family for 4 times in a day till 6 weeks he recovered much faster than the other patient’s. When Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon got a stroke and went into the vegetative state of coma. Then his brain’s Functional MRI scan was taken. And it was noted that when a member of his family or his son talked to him, his brain activity would increase and giving the signal that his brain is functioning in this situation also.
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But friends we have talked about the brain till now, but what about the condition of our body in a coma.
If said in the true sense, then coma has no effect on our body. Important functions like breathing, digestion, blood pumping, etc. are hardwired in our passive nervous system. And in any condition, these functions are doing there work automatically. Other than that this patient is kept on Intravenous therapy (IV) so that the body can get water and nutrients. And if needed doctors may use the ventilator. (You are reading the article What happens to “COMA” patient?)

A very common problem occurs in coma patients which we know as “Muscle atrophy”. It means shrinking of muscles because of not using it. More of this bedsores is another problem which can arise because of less oxygen supply to the skin. This disease is very horrible. These bedsores are dangerous and can destroy bone, muscle, tendons, and joints. To avoid both these conditions caretakers needs to massage the skin of the patient and do the movements of his body organs.
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But this can avoid the symptoms of coma. but we have to know what can we do to treat coma. We have to understand that coma is not happen because of any single reason. Rather it is happening because of many different reasons. Hence treatment may vary from condition to condition. Ex. If coma is happened because of the overdose of drugs then the doctor may try to remove that from patients body or may give antidotes. If its happen because of any disease then the doctor may treat that disease first.

But it is a fact that after getting into the coma 58% of people is not recovered. Out of which after 4 days there are only 7% chances are remain. And after 2 weeks its remain only 2%.
Our medical knowledge is still expanding. And we hope that we will understand this in the future and will cure it. (You are reading the article What happens to “COMA” patient?)
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