Weight Loss : Know How does sleep affect on weight?

weight loss

Sleep And Weight Loss: Due to less sleep, you can also gain weight. People who want to lose weight come to mind many questions like how to reduce obesity, quickly, method of reducing obesity, Home Remedies to Reduce Obesity.

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You know how diet and exercise are responsible for increasing your obesity, but do you know that you can gain weight due to less sleep. People who want to reduce obesity come to mind many questions like how to reduce obesity, ways to lose weight quickly, obesity reducing method, home remedies to reduce obesity .If you also want to know the answer to these questions or want to reduce your belly fat, then along with weight loss diet and exercise, you need to pay attention to many other things as well. Sleep role is very high in reducing obesity. Many times if you fail to lose weight even after exercising, can you fall asleep behind it? Yes! Even less sleep does not reduce your obesity and goes on increasing.

Due to work load and taking care of some personal responsibilities, your sleep is affected. In such a situation, people are often unable to complete their sleep. And their efforts to lose weight also go in vain. So know here how sleep affects weight. Also, know how many hours of sleep we should take to reduce obesity .

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1. Sleeplessness can increase hunger:-

While good sleep can reduce your craving, on the other hand, when you don’t sleep well, it directly affects the appetite-boosting hormone Ghrelin. So when you sleep less, you yearn for takeout because you don’t feel like eating healthy food.

2. BMI is affected:-

Studies have said that there is a deep correlation between poor or incomplete sleep and high body mass index. People who sleep for less than 7 hours daily may be more likely to have high body mass index and obesity than people who sleep for 7 hours.

3. Metabolism occurs affected:-

Due to less sleep, your metabolism is affected. When you are sleeping, your body burns some calories, but if you have a habit of sleeping less then the body is not able to perform this activity properly. This process of reducing extra fat is reduced due to less sleep.

Good sleep is very important to lose weight. If you do not sleep well, it can affect your appetite and also increase your weight. Also, you may have a number of health problems due to poor sleep or lack of complete sleep.

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