Trump target the WHO for not taking action on China


New Delhi: So far, 21 thousand people worldwide have been killed by the corona virus. So far 196 countries have been affected by this catastrophe and about one and a half lakh people are infected by it. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has targeted the World Health Organization. Trump said that WHO took ‘a lot of favor’ with China over the Corona virus crisis.The US President said that many people around the world are unhappy with WHO’s attitude and feel that ‘it has gone terribly wrong’.
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Trump said this answer in response to a question asked by WHO to favor China. Trump’s statement came at a time when WHO director Tedros Adnom is targeting many people around the world over China.

The first case of corona virus was revealed in Wuhan in November

The first case of corona virus was reported in Wuhan, China in November. Then Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan’s hospital first warned the administration about the danger of the virus, but Dr. Li Wenliang was threatened by the administration and even taken into custody by the police. Li Wenliang also died in the early month of March, when it was claimed by China that Doctor Li died due to the corona virus. However, various claims were made about his death as well.
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In January, cases of corona began to increase rapidly in Wuhan city. Even then, China refused to impose health emergency. Given the havoc of Corona in China, many countries stopped flights to Wuhan. Even after this, China did not do any kind of lockdown. On 23 January, China locked up Wuhan, then 5 lakh people who had been infected with the corona virus had traveled to different countries from Wuhan.

WHO failed to stop Corona

Despite rising cases of corona virus in China, no action was taken by the World Health Organization. February passed but the WHO did not consider China an epidemic. In March, the WHO declared Corona an epidemic. The question is, during this time, when Corona was spreading rapidly in China and other countries, why did the WHO not take any action against China. If the WHO had declared the corona virus an epidemic in time and had taken action on China, Corona would not have spread its foot in many countries of the world.
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China praised heavily, WHO targeted Trump

US President Donald Trump has also raised questions about the same attitude of WHO. Trump directly accused the WHO of favoring China. Trump said that many people worldwide are unhappy with the WHO’s attitude and feel that ‘it has gone terribly wrong’.

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