The Secret of How the Titanic Ship Sank

The Secret of How the Titanic Ship Sank

The Secret of How the Titanic Ship Sank : – All of you will know about Titanic, how on 15 April 1912, such a heavy ship crashed into an ice rock. Out of 2224 people aboard the ship, 1500 people lost their lives, but there are many secrets buried in it, which you may not know. And you will be surprised to know the reason for its sinking. There are many things related to this ship which were hidden from us, after knowing that your thinking towards Titanic will change.

Titanic About 882 feet long, 115 feet high and 92 feet wide, weighing 46,328 tons was an unbreakable ship even today.

Friends, the ship just crashed into an ice rock and sank into the water. New discoveries have proved that the real reason for the sinking of this ship is not the ice rock but many things that create mystery. British Journalist Salon Malani researched Titanic for about 30 years and found that a black spot lying 30 feet was found at the place where the Titanic hit the ice rock.He then also studied earlier photographs of Titanic with his research team. He then found that the metal had already weakened due to fire at the site of the Titanic ship. This could have been due to living at a constant high temperature for only about 3 weeks. Metrology experts also believe that the metal becomes weak by 75% due to such high temperature. For this reason, the ship pierced by hitting the ice rock. If the metal was not weakened by this fire, the ship would never have broken.

The company was also aware of this and should not have been sent in water. But the ship’s expensive tickets had been sold, and the company would have suffered a major loss if the ship had not been put into water. At the time of boarding of the ship, the ship was positioned in such a way that that weak part of the ship would remain at the sight of the sea from the public eye. Despite all this, the ship went on its way. Every luxury on the ship was comfortable. A pool, a tennis ground, and more. There were thousands of bottles of wine on that ship. The Secret of How the Titanic Ship Sank

But in spite of all this most mysterious thing, there was not a single telescope on that ship. If there was a single telescope on the Titanic ship, the ice rock could already be seen. But how did such a big mistake happen? Actually there was no sonar at that time. And special people of the ship looked forward through binoculars. The telescope was in a deck that was confined and its key was with the second officer, David Miller, who was replaced at the last minute. And the new officer did not have the key in his place.

Along with this, there was a delay in the running of this ship, due to which the ship was being run at maximum safe speed, due to which the damage was more. After this, a huge mistake was not made which was the heaviest, in fact, to secure all the passengers on this ship, it was necessary to have 40 life boats. But there were only 20 life votes on the ship. With that, there were 67 seats on every live vote, but only 27 people were saved on the first few lifeboats when the ship sank. The Secret of How the Titanic Ship Sank.

With this, several emergency places were also left when the Titanic ship was sinking, but a nearby Californian Californian ignited it. Because of which all the people could not be saved. In the end, whatever the reason, 1500 people lost their lives in this accident, which were related to many coincidences and mistakes that could have prevented this incident. What do you think about it Please comment by telling us all your thoughts. Thank you.

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