Onion Juice’s Crazy Benefits to Body

Onion Juice

You will be stunned by knowing the benefits of eating raw onion for the body. The ground will slip under the feet. If you are troubled by your falling hair, then you have come to the top of the article. Because today we will tell you about how to stop hair loss from Ayurvedic methods, how to darken hair, how to grow hair. Guys, have you ever seen an animal bald? Haven’t seen it!Only we lose human hair.
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Only we humans have diabetes. We humans have cancer, high BP. Why do animals not have this disease? Because we humans cook and eat things. Animals never cook and eat things. We are humans who cook things and fry them and eat them. We strangulate things. And then we say that we have diabetes, our hair falls, our immunity is weak, we have cancer.

Onion Juice

So friends, how many times it is written in Ayurveda itself that every human being should eat at least 50% of the things raw. And if it is possible to eat 100% then it would be best. So eat 50% raw! Raw means eat fruit, eat raw vegetables, eating these things will keep your body healthy. Otherwise, keep eating medicine and keep dying. Every single minute a person dies of heart attack in India today. What a big disease has been created. However, there should not be a heart attack disease.

Have you ever seen an animal die from a heart attack? Never seen. We humans come to Heart Attack because we do not improve our food. We see the advertisement on TV that, eat refined oil, it is good for our heart. You never thought how it can be good for the heart! First thing is that eating oil and ghee is not good at all. Who is the animal that eats these things? Have you ever seen an animal eating these things? We are also a living being, we are also a living on earth .
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Onion Juice

We have definitely kept our name as human beings, but we cannot go beyond this nature. The recording of the natural things has to be done. Ayurveda also says that stay connected with nature, then you will be healthy or else you will fall ill. Eat raw things, that’s all you have to do. Now let me tell you one thing about raw things, it is going to be a boon for you. Raw onion. Onion is used in every household. People who follow Jainism do not eat onion. Because onion is vindictive. So they do not eat.

But the people who eat onion cook it. Cut the thirst and temper it and then eat it. If you apply a tempering in oil, imagine that all the qualities inside it die on such a temperature. Why kill those things and then eat them. We cannot survive by eating dead things. We are alive human beings, so you have to eat the healthy food. That means onions alive. Which is alive onion, raw onion. Fruit is alive which is raw.

They have living sales inside. We also have living sales inside. Vegetables also have living sales. But when the vegetables are cooked, the cells die, which is not at all beneficial for our living sales. So if you start eating raw onions on an empty stomach every morning, then you will never be ill. You will find it difficult for a day or two, how to wake up in the morning and eat raw onion first! It will be difficult for a few days, but later the body will start to change completely.

All the diseases that you are worried about will start to end. Such as diabetes. Diabetes will end from the root if you start eating raw onion. It is so good that you will be shocked for the patient of diabetes. The medicines that have been eaten for the last several years, that diabetes is controlled, it becomes easily controlled. But the doctor will never tell. If the doctor told, his shop would be closed, would it not? That is why no doctor tells you the treatment of any disease.If you go for treatment of high BP, you will get medicines.
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So no one will say that this is high BP, it means your blood is thick. To dilute the blood, drink water on an empty stomach in the morning. Drink lots of water. High BP will end like that. But no, he will give medicines and say – come back next week, so that he gets stuck again, then his money is made. So please do not get caught in these webs. It is very easy to cure these diseases. By consuming raw onion, you can easily eliminate diabetes. Can eliminate high BP.

For those who are losing their hair, you must have seen how many advertisement on TV. Apply this oil, apply that shampoo, anti hair fall, it is not known what anti hair fall is? There is nothing, if you want to strengthen your hair then apply onion juice, that’s all. Nowadays, onion oil is also coming in the market. Because these things are right. These things were told thousands of years ago in Ayurveda. Take onion, juice and put it in your hair. Just by doing this, all the problems related to your hair will go away.

If your hair falls then the hair will stop, if it is white it will turn black, it will become strong, it will grow longer. Also you have to eat onions. If you eat onions on an empty stomach, then all the problems related to your hair will go away. Cancer is a disease for which different hospitals of cancer have opened today. Hospitals from which cancer is treated. Cancer is also not a one type.

Mouth cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, do not know which cancer has become. Now what is the reason for cancer? The reason is our wrong lifestyle. Eat raw onion, eat raw onion everyday, there will never be cancer in life. This cancer has also happened nowadays, not before. In the old days fried things were not eaten. There was no place for fried things, that from somewhere he brought samosas, muffins, burgers. He used to eat at home, at home he used to cook on low heat. . Cooked on the stove, which kept the quality of things
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Onion Juice

But nowadays, the aluminum embroidery, which we use in non-stick utensils, the things in which they are cooked, they are cooked on the whole high flame. In cookers, how many degrees of temperature do cookers have? Think for yourself how a person or any creature, any cells can survive in such a temperature.So in this way we are spoiling our body. You are spoiling your lifestyle. Eat raw onions.
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Eat raw onion everyday. By doing this, your body will be very healthy. So friends, we can only tell you the rest is up to you.What is your opinion, you can tell us in the comment. So in this way you have been associated with Ayurveda, so that you remain healthy and always happy. It is not that earned money and then put it on diseases . So what is the use of working so hard? Money is also fun only when your body will be healthy. So take a little time for the body, eat raw onion, eat raw garlic, drink turmeric mixed with milk.

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