Now ‘Whats app’ will feature ‘Five new features’!

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The most popular messaging app, Whats App, is always updating with some new and interesting features. Now once again Whats App has updated some new features. Which are of great use to users. What are the features … Let’s see!

Dark Mode :

The WhatsApp screen can now be placed on the Dark mode option. That won’t hurt your eyes. It will also help to save battery. WhatsApp’s Dark mode will be similar to the Mobile’s brightness option, limited only to WhatsApp. No official details have been available as to when this mode will update.
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Auto Distruct Mode : Whats App

Telegram, a competitor to WhatsApp, has a ‘Self District Message’ feature on this app. This feature will delete all the messages and clean your app after a specified period. You can decide how long to delete a message. So this feature will work.
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Massage Pining : Whats App

Just like we pin personal chat and group chat on WhatsApp, so now a message can be pinned. This pinned message will remain at the top of all chats. As of the date, this message will remain pinned. This feature is similar to Whats App’s star message.
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Cross Platform (iOS and Android) :

This is good news for users using Android or iOS. Backups won’t be required if users using Android start using iOS, since both operating systems are on the same server, so backups will remain the same. Whats App provides backups on iCloud and Google Drive.

Videos with larger size can be sent :

Currently only video can be sent up to 64MB. Now, however, larger size videos can be sent via WhatsApp.

All these features will be coming to Whats App soon. These updates will appear on your WhatsApp when it is officially announced.
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