Nepal India dispute: What is Entire issue?

Nepal India

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that, his government is a patriotic government,he will not allow anyone to occupy an inch of land in Nepal. Oli said that he will ask India to remove its security forces from Kalapani. However, India has not responded to this.In such a situation, the question arises as to what is at the root of this disaster. What is Kalapani?Why is China’s eye on this Kalapani? What is Nepal India dispute?With this we will know what is the Sugauli Treaty. Provisions as to what is-

Kalapani is Part of country, India cleared its stand

After the formation of the new Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh on 31 October. The new map of the country was released by the Government of India. Which has created controversy. The new map includes Kalapani in the Indian map. With this, Pakistan-occupied slave Kashmir is shown as part of the newly formed Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. While Gilgit-Baltistan is shown as part of Ladakh.
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On 6 November,the Nepal government objected to the inclusion of Kalapani in the Indian map. Prime Minister Oli has said that Government of Nepal will not allow anyone to occupy their land. Therefore, the Government of India should call its security force from Kalapani. The Government of India has said that its map is based on correct and prior conditions. He has not occupied any neighbor’s land.

Kalapani dispute is between India and Nepal. Kalapani due to its geographical reasons, this entire land area is very useful for India and China in a strategic way. This triangular area is very sensitive due to its proximity to China.
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Important for geographical reasons

Kalapani is the origin of the Kali river. Kalapani is a land of 35 square kilometres. Located in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The Nepalese border, touching the Dharchula area of ​​Uttarakhand, is bordered by the Kalapani region. The Indian state of Uttarakhand shares 805 km with Nepal and 344 km with China.

What is the root of the disaster between Nepal India.

India has included this river in its map. Sugauli Treaty was signed between the East India Company and Nepal in 1816. The Kali River was then lined up between East India and Nepal on the western border.When there was a war between India and China in 1962. The Indian Army built a garrison at Kalapani. Nepal claims that in 1961. before the Indo-China war, Nepal conducted a census here.Tha time India did not raise any objection. Nepal says India’s presence in Kalapani is a violation of the Sugauli Treaty.
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What is Sugauli Treaty

Actually, there is an old treaty behind this dispute. Which is called Sugauli Treaty. Sugauli Treaty is an agreement between the East India Company and the King of Nepal. The treaty was signed on 2 December 1815 and ratified on 4 March 1816.

Under the treaty, Nepal lost about one-third of its territory. It included the territories won by the king of Nepal in last 25 years. Such as Sikkim in the east, Kumaon and Garhwal monarchies in the west and most of the Terai region in the south. Some part of the Terai land was returned to Nepal in 1816. In 1860 a large tract of Terai land was returned to Nepal. In return for helping the British suppress the Indian Revolt of 1857.

The national delimitation was not clarified in this treaty, that its effects remain to this day. The treaty has failed to state where a clear actual boundary line will pass at some places. There is a long area of ​​such disputed places. Its area is about 60,000 hectares. In many such areas, claims are still being made from both sides.
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