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Microsoft : Many times we do all the work that needs to be done for a job, a business, on our personal computer. Sometimes it is difficult to carry out these tasks from a job-to-business location or to travel if there is no laptop at that time.

At this point you can easily connect to your computer via mobile and get the job done with the ‘Microsoft Launcher’ app. Microsoft Launcher A new home screen feature provides you with a unique experience, allowing you to seamlessly transition, connect, and perform various tasks between your Android phone and your PC or laptop.
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Microsoft Launcher makes it easy to view documents or continue photos or other tasks on your PC or laptop, making you more productive across all your devices. However, while doing all this, your PC or personal laptop must be updated with the latest software, Windows Fall Creator.

Microsoft Launcher is a very friendly app, so you can organize all the tasks on your phone. Your personalized custom feeds make it easy to view calendars, make lists, and take notes on the go. When you set up Microsoft Launcher as your new home screen, you can either start pairing new functions with your favorite apps or import your current ‘Home screen layout’.
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The main screen is also accessible if you need it. It’s important to set ‘Microsoft Launcher’ as your default home screen to enjoy personalized feeds and improved performance with your other Microsoft apps.

News, calendar events, documents and contacts can be viewed at a glance. It is possible to schedule your calendar card by simply managing your schedule on mobile and other devices. It is also possible to use family features to see how much time your kids spend on their phones and to see them on a map, at home or on the go.
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However, it requires Microsoft’s family account and Android device pairing with the same family account as Microsoft.

Using Microsoft Launcher’s Universal Search Bar, you can search the web, your files, apps, documents and messages all at once. Gesture customization means that you can achieve many things with ease of use. Allows you to double tap the app to lock your phone.

It also works by swiping for the app drawer. Folder management of many important files and documents of your work has made it easy for you to access Microsoft Launcher’s app drawer.
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