Kim Jong un: North Korean ruler appeared 20 days later

Kim Jong un

There have been various speculations about North korea ruler Kim Jong-un’s health not being visible for the past several days. According to the KCNA news agency report, Kim Jong-un inaugurated a manure factory by cutting the lace . According to the state media, when he came out, the people present there welcomed him with a “thunderous applause”.

According to KCNA News, Kim Jong-un accompanied his sister Kim Yo Jong and several senior officials
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However, this report of the state media cannot be independently verified as no picture of them has been revealed. Earlier, he was publicly seen on 12 April. Because of not being seen for a long time, all kinds of things were being said around the world about his health. Claims of his being seriously ill were being made. The speculation was further heightened on Wednesday when US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio said North Korean officials had ‘not seen Kim Jong-un for the past several days’.
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However South Korea said that the news of Kim Jong-un being seriously ill is not correct. When asked about the appearance of the North Korean ruler, US President Donald Trump said that he does not want to comment about it yet.

How did speculation about Kim Jong-un health begin?

Kim Jong Un did not attend her grandfather’s birthday celebration on 15 April. It is one of the biggest events of the year for the country. Kim Jong Un’s grandfather was the founder of North Korea. Kim Jong Un also never missed the event. It seems almost impossible that they decide not to attend this program. It was only after this that a period of speculation about his non-presence began.
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He was last shown in the state media on April 12, while he was inspecting fighter jets. However there was no date in that handout. In those pictures he could be seen as carefree and comfortable as ever. We also know from the dispatch of government media that a day before, he chaired an important political meeting. But since then he was not seen.

Two weeks ago, when the North Korean state media reported the missile test, he had no mention of Kim Jong Un’s presence. However, his picture is usually seen on such occasions.
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Have been missing before

This was not the first time Kim Jong had reported the disappearance of them. In the year 2014, he remained absent for 40 days from early September. After which many rumors arose. There was also a rumor among them that they were removed from power after the rebellion. However, he later appeared in a picture with a stick. The government media at that time admitted that they were in some annoying physical problem. But nothing was said on the rumor, which said that he has got arthritis.

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