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Time Travel :- In HG Wells novel “The Time Machine” the protagonist sits on a special chair with some burning lights on it, some dials, the hero sets the dial, presses a few buttons and finds himself in thousands of years of the future. Finds it later.

Time Travel

By that time England is destroyed and there are new creatures called Marlak and Eloi. This is a great story of science fiction but scientists have never believed in the concept or concept of time travel. According to him, this is the concept of eccentric, mystic and the field of dhurto, they also have a solid reason to believe so. But the amazing progress in Quantum Gravity is shaking the concept.

The biggest obstacle in the way of the concept of time travel is its connected puzzles such as the Paradox.

Paradox 1 for Time Travel

According to this example, a person can also be without a parent. What happens when a person goes into the past and kills his parents before he is born? The question is, if his parents died before his birth, then how was that person born to kill him?
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Paradox 2 for Time Travel

It is a paradox in which a person has no past tense. For example, suppose a young inventor is sitting in his garage trying to make a time machine. Suddenly an old man appears in front of him and becomes invisible by giving him a method to make timelines. The young inventor becomes a billionaire by earning a lot of money from information gained from time travel through stock market, horse racing, sports betting.

When he gets old, he travels time and comes in the past and gives his youth the method of making time. The question is, where did the method of making timelines come from?
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Paradox 3

In this paradox, a person is his own mother. ‘Jane’ was left a stranger in an orphanage. When Jane is young, she meets a stranger, Jane becomes pregnant with that stranger. An accident occurs at that time. Jane survives dying while giving birth to a baby girl, but the child is mysteriously kidnapped. While saving Jane’s life, Doctor learns that Jane has both male and female genitalia.

The doctor makes Jane a man to save her. Now Jane becomes “Jim”. After this, Jim becomes an alcoholic. One day he finds a bartender who wanders in a tavern who is a time traveler. Jim goes with that time traveler in the past where he meets a girl. The girl gets pregnant in the gym and gives birth to a baby girl. In guilt, Jim kidnaps the newborn child and leaves her in an orphanage.

Jim later joins a team of time travelers and lives a wandering life. A few years later, he dreams of one day becoming a bartender and meeting a drunkard named Jim in the past. Question: Who is Jane’s mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, grandson, grandson?
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Due to all these contradictions, travel has been considered impossible. Newton considered time to be like an arrow, which, once left, moves in a straight line. One second on Earth was equal to one second on Mars. The clock in the universe used to move at a speed. Einstein gave birth to a new revolutionary concept. According to him, time is like the flow of a river which flows through the twists of stars, galaxies, its speed is less and less flowing near these bodies.

One second on Earth is not equal to one second on Mars. The clock in the universe operates at its own pace. Before Einstein’s death, he had to face a problem. Einstein’s Princeton’s neighbor Kurt Goedle (perhaps the best mathematician logician of the last 500 years) found a solution to Einstein’s equations that made time travel possible. In the flow of this river of time, some vortices had now come, where time used to circle in a circle!
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Time Travel

Goydel’s solution was magnificent, he imagined a universe filled with a rotating fluid. Anyone moving in the direction of rotation of this fluid will find themselves at the starting point but in the past!

Einstein has written in his account that he was troubled by the possibility of time travel in solving his equations. But he later concluded that the universe does not rotate, it expands (Big Bang Theory). For this reason, Goedal’s solution cannot be considered. Naturally, if the universe was rotating, time travel would have been possible in the whole universe.

In 1973, Rai Kerr, a mathematician from New Zealand, solved the Einstein equations for black holes by rotating. This plow had some strange properties. According to this, the rotating black hole will not be compressed as a single point, but as a rotating ring of a neutron. This ring will rotate so fast that the centrifugal force will not allow it to shrink as a single point.
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In a way, this ring will be like the mirror of Alice. A traveler going from this ring will not die, but will go to another universe. After this, hundreds of solutions of Einstein’s equation have been discovered that conceive of time travel or space holes.

These space holes not only connect two places of space but also connect two time zones. Technically they can be used for time travel. Recently, there has been some more information about the above contradictions which have been attempted to add the theory of gravity to quantum theory. In quantum physics, any object can have more than one state.
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For example, an electron can be in more than one orbit at a time (the same fact is based on all chemical principles). According to quantum physics, Scradinger’s cat can be in two stages simultaneously, living and dead. According to this theory, the changes that will take place if you go to the past and change it will create a parallel universe. The original universe will remain the same.

If we go and save Mahatma Gandhi in the past, then we must be saving someone else’s past, our Gandhi will still remain dead. On saving Mahatma Gandhi from the murderer, the universe will divide into two parts, one universe where Gandhiji would not have been killed, the other our fundamental universe where Gandhiji was killed. This does not mean that we can travel in time by entering the vehicle of HG Wells! There are still many ballasts!
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First, the main problem is energy! Just as petrol is required for a car, so much energy is needed for the time period! To get this amount of energy, we have to learn how to use the full energy of a star or find extraordinary substances such as negative matter (matter which goes above gravity, does not fall below) or negative energy ( Negative Energy).

(It was believed that negative energy is impossible, but small amounts of negative energy have been verified by the Casimir effect.) Mass production of negative energy is not possible until at least the next few centuries. The negative substance has not yet been discovered. Note that negative matter is not Antimatter or Dark Matter.

Apart from this, the problem is also of stability. Kerr’s black hole may be temporary, it may be closed before anyone enters it. The quantum hole of quantum physics can also be closed before anyone enters. Unfortunately, our mathematics has not developed enough to calculate the stability of these Wormholes, because for this we need “Theory of Everything” that can integrate the principles of gravity and quantum physics.
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So far, only one theory of the theory of everything is Super String Theory. This is a theory that is well defined but no one has a solution yet.

The funny thing is that Stephen Hawking opposed the concept of time travel. He also said that he has empirical evidence for this. According to him, if time travel is possible, then where is the time traveler from the future? There are no passengers from the future, it means time travel is not possible. But in the last few years a lot of new discoveries have been made in theoretical physics, due to which Hawking has changed his opinion. According to him, time travel is possible but not practical!
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Passengers from the future will not come to us because we are not so important. A successful civilization able to travel in time will be highly developed, it will be able to exploit the full energy of a star. For whatever civilization can control the energy of a star, we have nothing more than a primitive civilization. Do you give your knowledge, medicine or energy to ants? Some of your friends may have a desire to crush them by putting their feet on them.

Tomorrow if someone knocks on your door and says that he has come from the future and is the grandson of your grandson’s grandson, don’t close the door. Maybe he is right.
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