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It is said that if you want to see heaven then go to Dubai. Its skyscrapers, wealth, scenic tourist spots and luxury lifestyle attract people from all over the world. this is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Its area is 4144 km.this is a very beautiful city. Let us know some surprising things about Dubai –
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Dubai has a population of around 3 million, of which 50% are Indian. Policemen in Dubai do not have a car below Ferrari, Lambogini. In Dubai, it is considered illegal to have a male-female relationship before marriage. If you are caught doing this, you can be arrested and deported.

The original inhabitants of Dubai are called ‘Emirati’. These constitute only 15% of the total population and the remaining population is mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines. A license is required to keep alcohol in his own home in Dubai. Liquor is not allowed to be consumed at your home without a license. Before 1960, this was a desert region, after the discovery of oil in 1960, it developed rapidly and today is one of the most beautiful Shehro.
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1996 was the first time the World Cup of Horse Race was played in Dubai. Everyone loves to raise animals, but the people in this country have a different hobby, they like to raise lions and cheetahs. The world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ is located in Dubai, it is about 1 kilometer in height and has 164 floors, it can be seen from 90 km away.

There are ATMs in Bay from where gold comes out.
Dubai is the only city in the whole world where people do not have to pay income tex.
The world’s fastest moving elevator is in Dubai.

There is no address system in Dubai, if you want to reach a place, then you can reach there by telling the name of the building close to it.

Dubai is considered the safest city in the world with a crime rate of 0%.

The main source of Dubai’s economy is tourism and real estate. Dubai ranks 22nd on the list of most expensive cities in the world.

24% of the world’s cranes are in Dubai due to the increasing real estate here.

Dubai Mall, Dubai, the world’s largest shopping center, has more than 1200 stores.

The most expensive cars in the world are in Dubai, which are fitted with diamonds.

In Dubai, sheikh is spoken for men and shekha for women.

Dubai is also called the ‘City of Gold’. Gold trade takes place here on a large scale. There are about 300 gold shops and 10 tonnes of gold is present in these shops.

The only 7 star hotel in the world is ‘Burj Al Arab Jumeirah’ in Dubai, its height is 1053 feet, which is known as the third tallest hotel in the world.It has a day rental of Rs 13 lakhs. is.

The largest flower garden in the world is Miracle Garden in Dubai. There are 50 million flowers and 250 million plants here.

The most popular sports in Dubai are football and cricket.

Dubai has the record for largest fireworks display
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History of Dubai


Dubai’s history is 3000 years old. Dubai opened on 9 June 1833. Abu Dhabi in the south of Dubai and Sharjah in the northeast. Dubai is a state in the United Arab Emirates, which has 7 emirates. Emirates means State of Dubai’s means of income is oil, tourism, real state. Today, Dubai has become a business hub. In 2006, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum became the first King of Dubai and also the Vice President of the UAE.
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Cool lifestyle of dubai

Some call it the ‘Paris’ of the Middle East and some call it a Global City. In the eyes of someone, it is a separate business center and for others, a beautiful travel destination. Talking here of Dubai city of UAE (UAE). Recently, there was a chance to attend a convention of Indian travel agents held there. In the meantime, go to Dubai closely.

1.There are many Indians in Dubai:

After coming here, the high-rise buildings, modern lifestyle, infrastructure and laws saw that we are abroad but when talking to people, there was a feeling of Indianness everywhere. People of India are in abundance here. Sit in any taxi, the driver speaks Hindi.

Go to any hotel, the waiter knows Hindi and any shopkeeper or his helper can be seen speaking Hindi. Most Indians do not work in any higher position here, but they find wages like the nobles of India. By the way, many Indians are doing their business here and many are captivating the people of Dubai on the strength of their talent. Apart from this, the number of people of Pakistan, Philippines and Malaysia is also not less here.
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2.Respect the ground

You won’t see people spitting around in Dubai. It is not just to maintain cleanliness but it is in the rules here. Oil was discovered in the land here in the sixties, since then no one spits or rubs it on the land to give it a surprise. The people of Dubai believe that due to this oil, Dubai is at this height. It should be respected every moment.

3.Thousand rupees penalty action:


There is a lot of strictness about traffic here. Any driver is afraid to break the rules. According to Indian tradition, there is no concept of ‘policeman’ to hold green or yellow notes and move forward. The police is nowhere to be seen, cameras are installed everywhere. Photographs of the place where the rules were broken, over time, his invoice of the mistake reaches your home.

At the end of the year it is necessary to fill all such invoices, otherwise no NOC is available to drive the vehicle. This challan amount is not in a few rupees but reaches the salary of middle class people for several months.
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4.Prepaid Toll Tax:

Here, it is necessary to have a prepaid toll tax card on your car. There are toll tax bars on many routes. Whenever your car passes under them, automatically two or four dirhams (1 dirham is approximately 14 Indian Rupees) decrease from that card.

If there is no pre-paid card, then an invoice worth fifty times more is created. Speed ​​is prescribed for drivers on each road. If the speed is more or less, the camera and the moving amount are waiting for you.

5.No one plays the horn:

Been here for about a week but never heard the horn of any car. Playing the horn of someone in Dubai is like abusing the driver going forward. All are so organized that there is no need to play the horn. Due to this, there is absolutely no noise pollution on the roads here.

6.Easy to get a job, no license:

It is said that it is easy to get a job in Dubai but not a driving license. Here, license has to be renewed every three years. For the first time, many tests and fees have to be paid to get a license. If you are going to buy a vehicle then it is very important to have a license. The showroom manager does not even give the car a test drive without a license.
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7.Pedestrians preferred:

Except for the markets in Dubai, a few pedestrians are seen on the main routes. Despite this, there is a lot of ease in traffic rules for them. Before each zebra crossing, a switch is placed which can be stopped to stop the traffic on the main road. After crossing the road, the green signal can be re-turned on that route by pressing the switch.

8.Bus stop also air conditioned:

It is hot in Dubai. The temperature in the state went from 38 to 42 degrees in September-October. Here every building, car, bus has air conditioner. Even the bus stops on the roads are air conditioned.
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9.India remembers:

Even though this is a very modern city, the rules have made it quite clean and orderly, but the memory of India also comes here. While we consider watering someone in India a virtue, it is also difficult to see water publicly in Dubai. Visit a mall or a restaurant, water has to be bought everywhere. Water has different values ​​everywhere. Many places have to pay up to 200 rupees for half a liter of water. We get to stay ‘free style’ in our homes here when the municipal challan is made after drying clothes on the balcony.

10.Important information about Dubai:

  • UAE is made up of 7 cities and one of them is Dubai.
  • The world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khlifa’ is here. It has 164 floors and is approximately 800 meters in length.
  • Here is the left hand drive. All drivers walk on the right side of the road.
  • Here petrol meets with quart. About 15 rupees liters per Indian rupee.
  • Metro train service started here on 09-09-2009.
  • Here is the rule of Sheikhs and at present Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum is the ruler here.
  • Here ‘Sheikh’ for male and ‘Sheikha’ for female are used before the name.
  • Only cars are seen on the roads here. A few bike riders are either paper sharing hawkers or food distributors.

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