Information technology : 1.5 lakhs jobs will be lost in IT sector

Information technology

Mumbai: The effect of the corona virus was finally visible on unemployment. It is reported that 1.5 lakh jobs can be lost in the information technology sector in the country. In this regard, a Gurgaon company has given leave to about 300 employees.
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According to the information, it is estimated that in the next three to 6 months, 1.5 lakh people from the Indian Information technology sector may have to lose their jobs. However, most of these people will get employment from small companies, as they are no longer able to deal with this epidemic. This is because those companies were dependent on a few customers and due to Corona their business has been affected.

Around 45 lakh employees in the Information technology sector in the country

There are about 4.5 million employees in the IT sector of the country, out of which small companies have 10-12 lakh employees. The top five IT companies employ about 1 million people. On the other hand, British Airways, the flagship company of the United Kingdom, is about to lay off its temporary workforce of 28,000. These 28,000 people make up about 60 per cent of the total workforce of British Airways.
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The airline company has taken this step due to the increased infection of coronaviruses. Coronavirus infection is increasing rapidly worldwide. This has had a serious impact on the aviation sector as most countries of the world have banned international flights. Due to this, flights of British Airways are also closed. This industry will suffer a loss of about $ 884 million and the employment of more than 22 lakh people will be lost.

The International Air Transport Association (AITA) said this in a report released today on the situation in the Asia-Pacific region. It states that if the stringent restrictions on air travel remain for three months and after that the restrictions are removed gradually, then this year the number of passengers in the area will be reduced by 37 per cent. This would result in a revenue loss of $ 88 billion. AITA has demanded a relief package for the aviation sector from the governments of member countries.

The company has been in talks with the union for the past one week. On Thursday night, the unions agreed that the company could temporarily remove 28,000 employees. During this period, the employees will continue to get 80 percent salary. The union said that employees cannot be sent without salary.
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United National Aviation Officer Oliver Richardson has said that the entire aviation sector is currently struggling with difficulty. In such a situation it is a good deal. British Airways Chief Alex Cruise said that what the airline just did was compulsion. But we try to take full care of the employees.

Jail for not giving salary to employees

On the other hand, the Gujarat government has warned the factory owners of the state that if they do not pay salaries to their employees during the lockdown then they may have to go to jail. Officials of the Gujarat government said that if a factory owner cuts employees’ salary or gets fired from a job due to the shutdown in lockdown, then he / she can face a jail term of one year.
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The state government has issued a notification in this matter. Ashwani Kumar, secretary of the Chief Minister’s Office, said that this notification has given relief to 18 lakh workers working in the factory, 25 lakh laborers of registered contractors and 12 lakh employees working in shops.

Kumar said, “No owner or company can retrench its employees or laborers during lockdown. Companies will have to pay them timely and full salary. Those who do not accept it will have to take strict action under the Disaster Management Act.

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