India’s foreign policy should be confident.

India's foreign policy

The foundation of India’s foreign policy was laid by Pandit Nehru on the principles of global disarmament, non-alignment and Panchsheel. It would not be wrong to say that India was unable to publicize and disseminate all these ideas. Panchsheel’s principles were blown off by China at the beginning. In global disarmament, talks can only take place among the equal and non-aligned movement has become irrelevant.Despite the leadership of non-aligned countries, India had an inclination towards Russia during the Cold War. Therefore, it is clear that national interest is paramount in foreign policy, not idealism.(India’s foreign policy)

If we look at the history of the last few years, you will find that India’s foreign policy has become entangled between idealism and practical compulsions. Complicated too is that we are in a state of confusion even with our neighboring countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar because the government failed to formulate its policies.
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In an article published just two days ago, former Foreign Minister Natvarsingh has alleged that India does not have any foreign policy. Foreign policy is made keeping in mind the national interest, but perhaps we are the only country where social interests are also taken care of in foreign policy.

A recent example of this is when the Prime Minister canceled his visit to Sri Lanka under pressure from Tamil Nadu. It is notable here that foreign policy in India mainly consists of three departments. Prime Minister’s Office, National Security Council and Foreign Department. This is where policies are decided. On the basis of these policies, guidelines are sent to Indian diplomats sitting around the world, but if we consider the media reports to be true, these guidelines have been in the foreign embassies for years.
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The decision taken by the diplomats sitting in the envoys is right. Due to this famine of policies, the mentality of the entire country has become negative. For example, it is said that India’s consumer market has become so large that western countries cannot defy India or if America has to build any power in Asia against China, it is only India, etc.That is to say, we wish for such indirect situations so that without doing anything the world falls into our footsteps, but such desires are good to recreate our mind, not reality.

In the modern era, foreign policies change by the hour. The color varies according to the season. Every small and big events of the world are accommodated, but our foreign policy is not known when was the last time? John F. Kennedy said that the faults of domestic policies can defeat us, but the faults of foreign policies can take our lives. Something similar is happening with India.
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You will be surprised to know that even today America and England provide free assistance to India annually. Although it is gradually decreasing. In 2010, the amount of $ 126 million given by the US has decreased to $ 91 million for 2014. Most of the amount is given to increase medical facilities, but this amount is negligible for a country like India. Then why do we accept this amount? Ashamed when US citizens and media ask their government the reason for supporting India?

India's foreign policy

American citizens believe that this amount does not reach the needy but disappears at the administrative level itself. England will also stop free aid in 2015 for the same reasons. The question is why our government does not stop this amount from now and now? Which confidence is lacking? Look at China, today not even ten percent of the strategic power of America and Russia has shaken the world with its courage.There is no joint action on any country without China’s approval. Who are we lower than China? Not just the courage to roar from the global stage under our leadership.
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Humility is the jewel of the powerful, but the weakness of the weak is considered. He who has a beggar in his hand does not have the right to grow on the donor. The administration should open its eyes to the misery of India’s foreign service officer Devyani Khobragade in the US. Whether the nation is rich or poor, it depends on the leadership how it presents the image of the nation to the world, but what will those who do not care about the nation care about Devayani?

Even after so many scientific, strategic and economic achievements, we are forced to remain in the category of petitioners, so who is responsible for this? India stands to spread its hands in front of every country to establish its seat in the Defense Committee of the United Nations, why? Clearly, how can a nation that has to look to the west to protect its borders take the responsibility of extinguishing the fire on the borders of other countries?
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But friends, the looseness of leadership has now enlightened the common citizens of India and this consciousness will compel the leadership and will also provide confidence to make our proper credentials in the world which we deserve. It will be beneficial for this glorious country as soon as possible.

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