How much is feared to die from Corona?


Scientific advisers of the British government believe that the probability of dying due to corona virus infection is only between 0.5 percent to 1 percent.These mortality rates are lower in cases of corona infection. According to the World Health Organization, the worldwide death rate due to this virus is 4 percent. As of 23 March, this rate was up to 5 per cent in Britain as not all cases of infection were confirmed here.
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All countries have different criteria regarding who is to be tested and who is not to be tested in the event of Corona virus infection. Due to this, the figures of corona infection in different countries and deaths due to this can be misleading.Also, the rate of death depends on the age, health and access to health services.

How much danger is life from Corona?


Experts say that corona infection can threaten the lives of people who are older and who already have other health problems. According to a recent assessment by the Imperial College of London, the average mortality rate for people over 80 years of age Is almost 10 times higher than that for those under 40.
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The UK government’s chief medical adviser, Professor Chris Whitty, says that even though these rates are higher for the elderly, “in most older people it causes a disease of mild or moderate symptoms.” They warn that we should not believe that there is less risk to the youth due to its infection. Many youngsters have also reached the ICU due to this virus. They say that it is not right to see the danger from corona directly associated with age.

44,000 cases of corona virus infection were analyzed in China for the first time, which found that people who already had diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or respiratory disease, had a mortality rate of at least five times. Was more. All these factors work together in the human body. So far, we do not have information about what kind of danger is caused by this virus among different types of people in different corners of the world.

Presently, given the mortality rate in the corona infected, it can be said that who is more at risk than this, but it can not be said that how much and what type of people are at risk.
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In case of infection, the death rate is not the overall average mortality rate. In most cases of virus infection, the person has mild symptoms and due to this he does not reach the doctors at all. In such a situation, it can be clearly said that most cases of infection are not recorded. On March 17 this year, the Chief Scientific Advisor to Britain, Sir Patrick Wallance estimated that there may be around 55 thousand cases of corona infection in the country, although So far, only 2,000 cases have been confirmed here.

If you divide the deaths caused by corona by 2,000, then the death rate you get will be much more than when you divide the deaths by 55 thousand. According to the World Health Organization, more than 6,600 cases of corona infection have been reported in the UK so far and there have been 335 deaths due to this.

In confirmed cases of corona, the death rate cannot be the true death rate. A big reason for this is that most of the cases are not registered and due to this, how serious those cases are, it is also not known. But it can also be wrong, because those who are currently infected with corona and who are in danger of their lives. By taking them into account, estimating mortality can reduce it.
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Why do different countries have different mortality rates?


According to a research conducted by the Imperial College, different countries may have different ability to recognize minor to minor symptoms of infection. Different countries use different methods for virus tests. Their ability to test is also different and their testing criteria. All these things also change with time.

In the early days, the UK government was conducting 10,000 tests daily. In the coming four weeks, the government is planning to increase this to 25,000 tests daily. Currently, people are being tested mainly in hospitals here.

Germany has the capacity to test about 20,000 people in a day and it also tests people who show slight signs of infection. For this reason, the statistics of serious cases and minor infections can be clearly understood in the number of cases recorded there so far. The death rate is about 0.5% in confirmed cases of corona in Germany and it is all over Europe Is the lowest. But this number will change as serious cases of new infections come.
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Identification and treatment of your disease also depends on what kind of treatment is available and whether healthcare is capable of treating it. And it depends on which stage of the epidemic you are in. If a nation’s healthcare system suddenly has more patients than capacity who need to be placed in the ICU, and there is a mortality rate. It is bound to grow.

How is an accurate assessment of mortality?

Scientists look at all the evidence put together and try to make a picture of mortality. For example, they monitor small groups to assess the proportion of cases with minor symptoms, All related facts are collected, such as a group of people on board an aircraft. But even a small amount of evidence can change the whole picture in such an assessment. And it can also happen that that evidence also changes with time.
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Professor of Medicine at the University of East Anglia, Paul Hunter, explains that the death rate can go down and up as well. He says, “In the case of Ebola, people have learned how to deal with the disease and the death rate has come down. But it can also increase. If the healthcare system itself is over, we can see a spurt in mortality. “That’s why scientists point to a lower and higher rate of mortality and also An assessment also points out that it is better to measure the time.

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