EU changed criticism report under pressure from China?


The European Union(EU) recently released a report stating that China has not given the right information about the coronavirus infection at the right time and has misled the world.

Now there are allegations that the EU had to edit this report under pressure from China. In this, questions were asked for about an hour from Borrell in the European Parliament. There were reports that the original EU report was leaked and it was published by a newspaper. Later, under pressure from China, China changed parts of the report and reduced criticism.
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The New York Times says that EU officials, under pressure from Chinese diplomats, rewrote the entire report.

Don’t be afraid of China’s criticism: EU

However Joseph Burrell denied these allegations. He said, “The original form of the report was changed because some of his colleagues wanted to avoid ‘any rift in words’.” Burrell said, “We made this decision because of any external or internal pressure and interference. We are not afraid to criticize China for misinformation and all these things are in the report.”

It is being said that the one line of the report changed was like this – China has never blamed the spread of infection and has been trying to improve its image internationally. “Joseph Burrell admitted that the report leaked When it happened, Chinese diplomats tried to put pressure on the European Union, but they did not make any changes.
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China opposed the release of the report

Since the onset of the spread of Corona virus infection, there were demands on many ways that international investigators should know from China how this happened. But China has been opposed to any such investigation. China has been calling the demand for international and independent investigation ‘politically motivated’. In the same sequence, China also opposed the release of the European Union report. However, the EU published the report despite Chinese opposition.

What does the EU report say?

The European Union report says that China continued to convey false information to the people even after realizing the grave danger to the health of the people. China also did not give correct information about the corona infection to the European Union and its neighboring countries. The report claimed that China is not ready to take the blame for spreading the infection. China’s official media is censoring all reports and reports that say the outbreak of infection started in Wuhan.
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The EU report says that China has been promoting reports that the Corona infection is related to the US military.

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