Drug Abuse and Younger Generation

Drug abuse

Drug abuse has become a major challenge in today’s time. A large section of the youth has been hit by it. People are spoiling their lives by consuming drugs like cocaine (hashish, hashish), heroin, opium, ganja (marijuana), alcohol, whiskey, rum, beer, brown sugar, hashish, cannabis( Drug abuse ).

These substances cause intoxication for some time in which a person has a pleasant feeling, but as soon as the drug ends the person wants to take it again. Within a few days, he becomes addicted to these substances.

Drugs, intoxicating pills are being sold secretly in schools and colleges, destroying the future of youth. After consuming these drugs, it becomes addictive soon. After that people do not leave it even after wishing.

Children spend their pocket money and start taking it. Soon it completely ruins the person consuming it. Today in many states of the country these drugs / drugs are being sold secretly.

Substance abuse in states like Punjab has taken a formidable form. In the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, people consume it more in rave parties. People with money are usually the most victim of this.

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Major Narcotics:-

1.Cocaine, heroin, opium, hemp, alcohol, whiskey, rum, beer, brown sugar, cannabis.

2.Written by doctor- sleeping pills, stress, anxiety, depression reducing pills

3.Consumption of corex like cough syrup

4.Tobacco products like bidi, cigarette, gutkha, khaini, zarda, pan masala

5.Volatile solvents such as nail polish remover, petrol, paint

Reasons of Drug abuse:-

1. People from both the young and middle class consume it to get pleasure. Consumption of this keeps the body strong for some time, increases morale and confidence. People find its use useful.

2.In today’s expensive lifestyle, both parents have started doing jobs to earn money. They are unable to take care of the children. Most parents leave the house in the morning and return home at night. They give more and more money to the children for pocket money, so that they start consuming drugs like drugs. Many times children start consuming drugs to overcome their loneliness. They go astray due to not getting the right kind of guidance.

3.Children first start taking drugs under the influence of their friends. They take it in hobbies but soon become addicted to it. Many children have started understanding it as fashion. This problem is more common among rich children. These drugs are very expensive, but the children of rich households buy them easily.

4.Some people start consuming drugs to get away from their sorrows, pain and problems of life.

5.Some people consume it to avoid boredom, insomnia, anger.

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Effects of drug abuse:-

1.After getting addicted to drugs, nothing feels good. There is a demand for taking narcotics again and again. The person is unable to think about his future. When he does not take the substance, he feels great discomfort. Body hurts. Symptoms such as irritability, loss of appetite, anger, pain and heaviness in hand feet, trembling of the body, uncontrolled blood pressure, nausea.

2.These drugs have a bad effect on the brain, liver, heart, kidneys. There is an increased risk of heart attack.

3.A person becomes alienated from his social responsibilities. He also becomes alienated from his interesting works.

4.The person misbehaves with other people under the influence of intoxication. Crimes such as molestation, rape, violence, suicide, motor vehicle accident, murder, unprotected sex, child abuse, domestic violence occur after consumption of drugs.

5.The person spends all his money for the consumption of drugs. He starts stealing money from other people. Many times he sells his land, house, car, household goods, jewelry and other wealth for intoxication. The financial condition of a person goes from bad to worse.

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How to overcome drug addiction?

1.Make up your mind to quit the addiction. It is important to have strong desire in mind.

2.Adding to the rehabilitation center / drug rehabilitation center is a good option. More people come there. All are treated together under the supervision of doctors. The patient is treated in group therapy.

3.The patient is treated psychologically.

4.Drug addiction can also be avoided through meditation and yoga.

5.Stayed with friends, relatives and well-wishers all the time. When you stay in front of them all the time, you will not get a chance to get intoxicated.

6.Drunk patients should write diary daily. There is a lot of benefit in doing this. Every thing in life should be written. By writing the misfortune after intoxication, a person gets an idea of ​​how his life is getting spoiled by intoxication.

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The consumption of drugs gives pleasure for a few minutes but it has far-reaching side effects. It swallows a person slowly and ruins his life in every way. Such people start quarreling with people every day, start beating and abusing fellow employees at the office or workplace.

Being a casualty while working, being suspended, changing jobs frequently, quitting jobs, showing irritable and angry nature kills the person. Bad days of a person begin. Therefore, we should not consume drugs at all. Those who are suffering from this problem should leave it with determination. Remember, intoxication is a poison.

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