Donald Trump stopped WHO funding: Know in detail

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that he has instructed the administration to stop funding from the US to the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump has also accused the WHO of mismanaging and concealing its spread regarding the Novel Corona ‘Kovid-19’. During a regular media briefing at the White House on Tuesday, he said, ‘Today I am directing my administration to stop funding the WHO. The role of WHO in concealing the mismanagement and spread of Kovid-19 will be reviewed.
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He said that the US provides four to five thousand dollars of financial aid annually to the WHO. He said, ‘Did the WHO do its job of providing medical experts to assess the real situation in China and overcome China’s lack of transparency? Its outbreak would have been very less and deaths would have been less. The death of thousands of people and the damage to the global economy could have been avoided.’

UN Secretary-General said – this is not the right time

United States Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s statement has come on this decision of America. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that this is not the right time to stop the World Health Organization (WHO) fund. He said that ‘this is not the time to crunch the sources of the campaign of WHO or any other man-made organization fighting against Kovid-19’. He further said that as I have said earlier, “It is time for the international community to come together to stop this transition”.
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German minister opposes Donald Trump

The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has opposed this after US President Donald Trump announced a World Health Organization (WHO) funding ban. Heiko has said that it is time to strengthen the United Nations and WHO to make it easier for the world to fight against Corona. Not to stop the funding of WHO will not get anything from this.

Foreign minister criticized Donald Trump

Explain that criticizing the decision of US President Trump, the US Secretary of State has said that the Corona virus does not know which country it is on. He says that this is the time when we should take strict action against Corona. For this, we have to strengthen organizations like UN and WHO so that testing kits and medicines can reach all the countries of the world. At this time, no one will get anything by stopping the funding of these institutions.
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Accused of misleading WHO

Before this, President Trump has been accusing China and WHO of not providing correct information on the cases related to Corona along with increasing cases of Corona in the country. Just a few days ago, Trump said that the WHO is supporting him in hiding information related to Corona cases in China. He said that the WHO would suffer. He announced at the time that he was about to stop funding the WHO.

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