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Digital editions

New Delhi: All the digital editions of Chinese newspapers are appearing in black and white today. Do you know the reason for this If not, we will inform you about it. In fact, today in China, tribute has been paid to those who lost their lives due to corona virus. Because of this, the flags on all government buildings in China were half-tilted and very few people were seen on the streets. Not only this, mourning was also kept for some time for those who lost their lives due to the virus. This was the reason that today all the newspapers of the country and their digital editions did not appear in their bright colors. Today they were introduced only in Black and White. It was also a unique way to pay tribute to those who lost their lives due to corona virus.
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Let me tell you that in December, the corona virus patient first appeared in Wuhan, China. After this, the number of patients here steadily increased. But the good thing is that now China has overcome this to a great extent. This is because now the number of new patients in China has decreased significantly. There are 81639 patients infected with the corona virus in China. Here 3326 people have died due to this. Apart from this, around 76755 patients have also been cured. At present, there are only 331 patients infected with this virus whose condition is serious.
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Let us also tell you here that China was the first to lockdown itself in view of the rising outbreak of this virus. It has been strictly implemented here, due to which there is a steady decline in the number of its patients in China, which is a good sign. However, during this time many kinds of accusations were made on China and are still being done. China’s commercial rival America is at the forefront of these allegations. Where neither lockdown has been done till now nor the death toll there is less than China.
Let us tell you that the number of corona virus patients in China has reached 277161. Apart from this, 7392 people have lost their lives here so far.
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Let us also tell you that China, which has been successful in reducing the number of its patients here and also reducing the number of deaths, has also made preparations to put its economy back on track again. Recently, it has also successfully launched some satellites into space. At the same time, America has not been able to declare the lockdown for fear of worsening the economy. However, the way China has today paid tribute to its people whom it could not manage to save, it is in itself a praise.
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