Coronavirus 3600 people trapped in ship


Corona’s havoc: 3600 people trapped in a ship off the coast of Japan, Indian passengers pleaded for help from the government, said- ‘Modi ji please …’Coronavirus

Kolkata: More than 900 people have died so far in China due to the corona virus havoc, while efforts are also continuing on a war footing in India to prevent the disease. Separate wards have been made to check passengers coming from China, Japan, Singapore. Meanwhile, passengers and crew members of the luxury cruise liner detained at Japan’s Yokohama port have been troubled since February 5.Many people in this ship have been confirmed to be suffering from Corona virus. Today, the captain of this cruise liner named Diamond Express announced that 66 more people have been confirmed to be suffering from Corona virus. A day earlier, the ship’s 71 people were suffering from the corona virus. After new information, 137 people have been caught in the ship due to Corona virus.

According to an Indian member of the crew, there are 160 Indians in the ship. This chef named Binay Kumar Sarkar has earlier appealed to the Government of India for help on social media. This person told NDTV that people in the ship are very upset and nervous due to Corona virus. Binay Sarkar said that ‘Modi ji should do anything to bring us home.’

There were 3600 people in this ship. The ship sailed from Yokohama on 20 January. On January 25, a passenger landed in Hong Kong. On February 2, the ship got information that this passenger from Hong Kong was suffering from Coronavirus.

After this, the ship was quickly sent back to Yokohoma and on February 5, the ship was set aside at the port. The Japanese Ministry of Health is monitoring all those on board the ship. All have been given masks and other equipment to rescue. Meanwhile, it has been said that as long as the ship is isolated, the Indian government cannot interfere in it. According to the information so far, this ship will stand apart at the port till 19 February.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned other countries about the spread of the corona virus outside China and appealed to them to be prepared to deal with the possibility of the deadly virus arriving in their country. WHO chief Taderos Adhanom Gebreyes said that there have been ‘worrying cases’ of people who have never been to China since being infected with the Coronavirus.

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