Corona virus: Research revealed that it has three types.


New Delhi: A new thing has emerged regarding the corona virus. According to this, there are three types of corona virus causing havoc all over the world. It has Type A, Type B and Type C categories. Research based on the genome of Mount Sinai Hospital in the US has revealed that the type of Corona virus which has caused havoc in New York, USA, has come from Europe. Apart from this, the breed of Corona that came from West China in the US has created a furore. According to the scientists of Cambridge University, these three types of corona are wreaking havoc all over the world today.
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According to the Daily Mail news, university researchers believe that the virus was first spread from bats to an animal such as pangolin. After this, it reached Wuhan in China via Meat Market and infected humans. Researchers have termed this species of corona virus a university breed as ‘Type A’. According to him, the virus did not remain in China for long. After this it reached Japan, Australia and America. Accordingly, it started around Christmas.

Researchers also believe that the changed form of this virus is type B. Because of this, thousands of people have died in China. Type B also reached Europe, South America and Canada after this. Talking about Type C, it has killed thousands in Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong. However, researchers believe that most of the patients in the US are infected with the Type A Corona virus, which had passed from China to the US via other countries.
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Significantly, 96785 deaths have occurred due to corona virus in the whole world. So far, 1614251 cases have been reported all over the world. In the US alone, its number of patients has reached 468895. So far 16697 people have lost their lives here. America is its biggest victim in the whole world.New York in America has been the most affected by this. There are about 161504 patients infected with this virus alone. Apart from this, 7067 people have lost their lives after being caught by the virus. Talking about the top 10 states of America, New York is followed by New Jersey, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Georgia.
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