Corona Virus 636 people died


Beijing: Corona virus, which has taken the form of an epidemic in China, killed 73 people on Thursday, raising the death toll to 636. At the same time, the number of confirmed cases of corona virus increased to about 31,000. The Commission said that 73 people died on Thursday, while 3,143 people were reported to be infected due to infection. (Corona Virus 636 died)

The total number of corona virus cases has reached 31,161. The National Health Commission said that till Thursday, about 1,540 people suffering from infection were discharged from the hospital after treatment. Chinese officials said that till Thursday, 19 foreign nationals living in the country were confirmed to be affected by the corona virus. However, he did not disclose his citizenship.One of those killed on Thursday is Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, one of the eight whistleblowers who warned doctors about the outbreak of the corona virus, but was accused of spreading rumors by police. Died due to corona virus.

He was the first to report the outbreak of Corona virus in December last year. Meanwhile, China opened a new 1,500-bed hospital for Corona virus patients on Thursday. Chinese officials argued that the number of dead and confirmed cases in Hubei province is increasing because there is a shortage of hospitals and beds.Authorities have also started tent hospitals and mobile clinics for treatment in view of the increasing number of patients. China has also lodged diplomatic protests with several countries over the cancellation of flights due to fear of the virus.

A spokesperson said, “Some countries have taken steps like cancellation of flights while ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has also issued bulletins and motivated all countries to follow the recommendations of WHO”. Said, “We condemn and oppose those countries which went against WHO recommendations and ICAO bulletins and we lodged strong opposition in front of them The less addressed.Many international airlines including Air India and IndiGo have canceled flights to China for fear of the virus spreading worldwide.

Many countries including India and the US have also announced travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, 41 more people have been confirmed to be affected by the Corona virus on a cruise ship in Japan. Local media, including national broadcaster NHK, said on Friday that the number of people caught on board the Diamond Princess ship has been affected by the corona virus has risen to 61.Canada also evacuated its citizens from Wuhan in a government-chartered plane on Thursday. Foreign Minister Fran├žois-Philippe Champagne said 347 Canadian nationals had sought Ottawa’s help to leave China and 176 people have been evacuated He said, “The second Canadian aircraft will fly to China on Monday.”(Corona Virus 636 died)

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