Contact Tracing:How does Contact Tracing work?

Contact Tracing

In order to control the rapidly spreading corona virus infection in Britain, now millions of people will be asked to track their activities there.They can soon be given instructions to keep an eye on where they are going, whom they are meeting. More and more people will be asked to participate in this process.In India, technology is also being used for contact tracing.

The Government of India has launched the Arogya Setu App on April 2. This app is considered important for contact tracing. Arogya Setu App is available in 11 languages. Through this, people can also get information about the patients of Corona around them. In the notification issued by the government, it has also been said that this app has been made keeping in mind the privacy of users.
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Apart from this, the governments of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa have started mobile apps through which information related to Corona virus Covid 19 can be obtained. It is also being said that through these apps, the corona infected people and those kept on home quarantine are being monitored. But what is contact tracing after all? How does this work? Do you need to be involved in this process? What will happen to your data if you join it?

What is contact tracing?

Actually contact tracing is used to reduce the speed of spread of infectious diseases. It is usually used in sexual health clinics, where doctors ask patients with infection to contact the people they come in contact with. But in the case of global epidemics like Covid-19, the aim of contact tracing is to find those people. , Who have been in contact with the corona virus infected person for a long time, so that such people are asked to isolate themselves (Self Isolate) Could.
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This process is carried out by calling friends and family of people infected with the corona virus. Automated location tracking mobile apps are also used for this. Contact tracking is already in use in several countries affected by the corona virus, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany.

The UK is also planning to use the contact tracking app and phone team in mid-May. The UK hopes that it will now be easier to track new cases of infection with social distancing of several weeks.

What will be the nature of contact tracing in the UK?

For this, a team of 18 thousand people will be formed in Britain, there will be 3 thousand civil servants and health workers. Of these, 15,000 people will be call handlers, that is, they will ask the Corona virus patients about their recent activities and contacts. After getting information about this, they will contact the people in contact with the patient. For this, a combination of tracing app and telephone system will be used. It will be made available for download in smartphones in the next few weeks.
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As soon as the users of this free app make contact with each other, it keeps track of it using Bluetooth. Its automatic contact tracing process starts working as soon as the tracking starts. It is up to the user with symptoms of Corona virus to allow this information to reach the NHS through the app. After their information, the app can send an anonymous alert to those users, whose users have been tracked in contact.

After this, people coming in contact with the users being tracked can be asked to go to the Quarantine or they can be advised for corona test. For those who do not have a smartphone, a Bluetooth bandage can be tied on their wrist. A bandage that is tied to prevent people who break the rules of lockdown in other countries.
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Will this help end the lockdown?

Contact Tracing

In many countries, contact tracing has proved to be very helpful in ending the lockdown or waiving it. However, more steps have been taken with this. Lockdown was never implemented during the Corona virus infection in South Korea. Actually there was a large-scale tracing started from the beginning. Also, a large number of people started testing.

There people were asked to remember where they had gone. Credit card transactions, CCTV footage and mobile phone tracking were used for this. Through all these methods, it was found out where they had gone. Once upon a time there were 900 cases coming every day, but now very few cases are being detected every day.
How to use the Corona Tracking App Arogya Setu?

If this technology will be used on a large scale in Britain, then it will prove to be very helpful in lightening the lockdown. Although the extent to which people in Britain will allow themselves to be tracked, there is little doubt. In Britain, the government started an attempt at contact tracing in the beginning of the epidemic to control cases of infection before they spread.

Now that the exit of people has reduced due to lockdown, it will be easier to track new cases of infection. Phone tracing is very hard and time consuming. In Ireland, tracers are calling 40 people associated with each infected person. The mobile app makes this task easy. But more and more people use it, only then the virus can be controlled.

Experts advising the NHS say that for this 80 percent of smart phone users (60 percent of the total population) will have to use it actively. By the way, 67 percent of UK smart phone users have downloaded WhatsApp. Experts say that people feel that if they are showing signs of Corona virus infection then they should honestly inform the NHS.
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What will the government do to my data?

Not everyone is happy with this government plan because the third party will have access to people’s data. Human rights organization Liberty has said that the government will have to take the question of the risk of data privacy seriously. She cannot force people to go out of lockdown or work only after installing the app.

However, the Health Services digital development department NHSX has said that millions of people will trust this app and follow its advice. The information gathered through this app will be used for health and research purposes only. Apart from this, if you want, you can delete the app at any time. This UK app will use a centralized model. That is, its matching process will be on the computer server.
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However, Apple and Google have suggested a decentralized model. It can be used when people talk on the handset. These big tech companies say that the version of their app will not allow hackers to hack the data and neither the government, administration or any other agency can use the computer server log Can track or identify them.

But NHX says that its centralized system will give a deeper understanding of how the Covid-19 is spreading. This will help to make the app even more effective.

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