Children’s Story: Lion and Raisin

Children’s Story : There was a beautiful village. Surrounded by hills all around. A lion lived behind the hill. Whenever he roared to the height, the villagers would tremble in fear. Children’s Story


It was a cold winter. The whole world was covered with snow. The lion was very hungry. He had not eaten anything for several days. He came down for hunting and entered the village.

He was walking around in the hunt. From afar he saw a hut. The lights were flickering out of the window. The lion thought that he would definitely get something to eat here. He sat under the window. Children’s Story

The cry of the child came from inside the hut. Oo … oo … oo … oo … He was constantly crying. The lion was about to enter the house, seeing here and there that he heard a woman’s voice – ‘Shut up son. Look fox is coming. Father, how big is a fox? What a big mouth this is. Seeing how scared he is. But the child did not stop crying.

Mother then said- ‘Look, the bear has come … The bear is sitting outside the window. Stop crying otherwise the bear will come in ‘, but the baby’s cry continued. It had no effect to frighten him.

The lion sitting under the window was thinking- ‘This is a strange child! I wish i could see that It is neither afraid of foxes nor bears. ‘

He again got very hungry. The lion stood up. The baby was still crying.

‘Look… Look…’ came the voice of the mother, ‘Look lion has come lion. He stayed under the window. ‘ But the baby’s cry did not stop yet. Hearing this, the lion was very surprised and was scared by the bravery of the child. He started feeling dizzy and fainted. Children story

‘How did she know that I was near the window.’ The lion thought. After a while, his life came to life and he peeped inside the window. The child was still crying. He was not scared even after hearing the name of the lion.

The lion till date has not seen any such creature which is not afraid of him. He believed that all the creatures of the world would tremble in fear after hearing his name, but this strange child did not care for me either. He is not afraid of anything. Not even a lion.

Now the lion started worrying. Then the voice of the mother was heard again. ‘Now shut up. Look at this raisin…. ‘ The child immediately stopped crying. There was complete silence. Children story

The lion thought- ‘Who is this raisin? It will be very dangerous. ‘ Now even the lion got scared thinking about raisins. At the same time, something heavy fell on his back with Dhamma. The lion ran away after saving his life. He thought that only the raisins would jump on his back.

Actually there was a thief on his back who came to steal the cow and buffalo in that house. Considering the lion as a cow in the dark, he jumped from the roof on his back. Even a thief is scared. He lost his life when he came to know that he is riding on the back of a lion and not on the back of a cow.

The lion ran towards the hill very fast, so that the raisins fell down, but the thief also held the lion tightly. He knew that if he fell down, the lion would not leave him alive. The lion feared his life and the thief his life.

In a while, morning light started coming. The thief saw a tree cast. He caught the thrust and climbed on top of the tree fast. He breathed peace, getting rid of the lion’s back. Children story

The lion also breathed peace – ‘Thank God for saving my life. Raisin is a really terrible creature ‘and he went hungry and thirsty back to his cave on the hill.

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