Britain: 14 million people forced to live in poverty


London, AFP: The global epidemic of corona virus is now increasing poverty, with infections in Britain. Experts say that despite the global economic crisis in Britain, the UK government has followed the economic cuts, in spite of this, now the situation is becoming troublesome. According to official figures, 14 million people in the UK are living in poverty. This number is about one-fourth of the total population of Britain.
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42 million British children fall victim to poverty

According to British government figures, 42 million British children are poverty victims. This figure is 30 percent of the total children there. Lockdown due to Corona infection in the UK is causing massive loss of jobs. In such a situation, things are getting worse for the Britishers.

One million people asked for loan in Britain

Dave Innes, head of economics at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an organization working for social change, says that the risk of poverty is increasing, especially for people working in hospitals and retail. Since the salaries of the people of this region are already very low and jobs are also unsafe. In the last fortnight, around one million UK citizens have applied for universal credit. It is the most prominent government debt of the British Government. The status of application for loan is ten times more than normal days.
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Earlier Amir now had to take loan

Louisa McGrimham, a director of Britain’s Child Poverty Action Group, says families who had a good income before the Corona epidemic and now have to take this loan will suddenly find themselves in poverty. Due to poverty and lockdown, those whose children are unable to go to school, have also increased their problems by demanding online education. However, many schools are making arrangements to teach children on the Internet.
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Poor children don’t even have education

McGrimham said that if those poor children are from families where there is no Internet or computer, they will not be able to take education online. He said that we are living in a country where children are facing poverty due to Corona infection. He pointed out that the way the Corona epidemic has now pushed the UK into a crisis of poverty after massive government and non-government spending was cut in Britain after the 2008 global economic crisis.
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Food banks are also getting less donations

A British citizen over 25 years of age who receives government aid in Britain will receive one thousand pounds (about $ 1,239). To prevent poverty in this country, a person’s household will be given 400 pounds monthly. Currently, there is a recession and it will take time to get out of it. The Food Bank is also receiving less donations which provide food for the Corona victims and the homeless. According to Trussell Trust, a 1200 food bank, they face a big challenge. However, the British government is still providing food to children in schools. Amanda Martin, president and teacher of the National Education Union, said that she still sends food packets to her school from where those people take food.

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