Big 5 Differences in Billionaires And Poor

The poor who live by eating dal roti can only dream of the 36 varieties of dishes served in the plate of the billionaires. At least this seems to be the case now. Because in India it is becoming very difficult for the poor to become rich. Yes, if you are a little too rich then your richness will increase, its chances are sure. We are not saying this, these figures are saying this. In 2017, the number of super rich people in the country has increased by 10 percent to 1,60.600.

It is estimated that the number of ultra rich people in India will double to 3,30,400 by 2022. And their wealth will increase more than double to 3.52,00,000 billion rupees. 56 percent of the country’s super billionaires people are from four metro cities. 18 percent live in the next top 6 cities Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Ludhiana.

But you have noticed that none of these super billionaires Indians live in villages. Where the farmer of the country lives, where the poverty is still sitting by hitting the horoscope. Will the gap of these rich poor ever be less than the country or not? Today, India has reached the fourth position in the list of countries with the highest number of billionaires.

But it is the same in the poverty index. What else is this game? Money is there in the country but only few people have it. billionaires people no offence. But we would like to ask the system of our country when will this game stop? Or else it will stop or not!

5 Billionaires people of the country

1) Mukesh Ambani -Reliance Industries Property -38 Billion Dollars
2) Azim Premji– Wipro Property -19 Billion Dollars
3) Hinduja Brothers -Ashok Leyland -Property 18.4 Billion Dollars
4) Lakshmi Mittal– ArcelorMittal -Property 16.5 Billion Dollars
5) Palonji Mistry– Shapoorji Pallonji Group- Property 16 Billion Dollars.

We do not have any complaint with you. You have wealth, no matter how you spend. But if the country is growing and money is coming in the country, then why does it go only to a few? Why do not we come to you.

1.Mukesh Ambani -> The Billionaire


Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has a luxurious life as big as his business. Ambani lives in the most expensive house in the world. He has a private jet. Also go in the most expensive car. His son also has an expensive Bentley car. But when a lower middle class father has to give his son a bike so that he can go to school, college or tuition. Could do coaching. So he has to take a loan from the bank.Which he digs till his retirement. What kind of economy is this?
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2.Azim Premji -> The Billionaire

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Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro. Azim Premji’s salary is in millions. Assets of crores are different. Prem ji is the first Indian to join Giving Plus. He has a share of 73.39% in the company. 39 percent of it is set aside for charity. Premji Foundation continues to do its social cause work keeping primary education in mind.

Recently the founder president of Wipro has donated Rs 9000 crores for education. But if a poor farmer wants to get his daughter enrolled in college to pursue medical studies, then he will have to sell his entire land. Then he will be able to make my daughter a doctor. What to do, how many more dreams will be buried in this economic gap between billionaires and poor.
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3.Hinduja Brothers -> The Billionaires

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Hinduja brothers- Hinduja brothers of Indian origin settled in Britain are number 3 in the rich world. In Mumbai, there are Ashok Leyland, Indusland Bank, Gulf Oil, Energy and Real Estate companies of Ashok Hinduja brothers.

While Hinduja brothers are making trucks and selling in the country, a common student from a middle class family does not have enough money to put petrol in his bike, why there is such a difference between billionaires and poor in India .

4.Lakshmi Mittal -> The Billionaires

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In the list of Indian billionaires, ArcelorMittal chairman Lakshmi Mittal is fond of jogging and playing golf. Mittal is the owner of an industry group called LNM. His wealth is in billions of dollars. A fond of expensive bungalows, Mittal lives in Kingston Garden Bungalow in Britain. This bungalow was the most expensive bungalow of its time.
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There are 12 bedrooms, 1 indoor pearl tarkish bath and parking for 20 cars. When a common government employee wants to build his house after retiring, he has to find pie of the deposit capital. Then he gets a forest BHK gets home. And maybe even in that the builder betrays him.

5.Pallonji Mistry -> The Billionaires

Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Mistry is the world’s anonymous billionaire. A person with a wealth of $ 12 billion who is a lonely loved one. His empire of construction extends to India, West Asia and Africa. They have a large amount of real estate. Not only in India but in India and abroad. I like to live in a beach bungalow in Vakeshwar, India.

But friends, the parents whose children are expelled from their homes, send them to the old ashrams, the elderly who do not have a home to live, no bread to eat, when they take their last breath of life. Then they do not even have that 2 yards of land to bury them. But if this gap between billionaires and poor continues to grow in the country, then it seems that the holocaust that is going to come after millions and millions of years will come in a few years.
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This article is not just on an emotional subject. This is a matter of consideration. Why is it that the rich are getting the opportunity only, but not the poor. Not middle class people. Is it happening that the country is growing but the poor are not growing? And even if it is growing, its speed is very slow. What is the reason behind this? Are we still living in the era of feudalist rule. Where people who have more influence, where people who have more money, are given more preference.

Compared to those who have only honesty in the name of money, hard work, no money. How do you feel, how to bridge the gap between rich and poor. We want you all to comment. We will read those comments carefully. Take information from them and try to get a solution device from there. And there will be another article on how there will be a gap between billionaires and poor.
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Which 10 steps will it take, or which five steps will be there, which will end the gap between billionaires and poor. The facilities that one is getting should be given to the other as well. And the country should not only go up in the list of billionaires but also improve the index of poverty. Thank you

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