Animal protection or torture

Animal protection – Every day 100 species perish from the earth. Either humans destroy their areas of residence or hunt them till they are finished. Can zoos or national parks save them from being destroyed.

Animal protection

Keeping wild animals has been a hobby of nobles and king emperors. About four thousand years ago, the Shia Maharaja had few animals in China. After this, the Assyrian king of Mesopotamia kept crocodiles and some hunters kept birds. The Medichi king in Florence, Italy, kept rare animals in his park. In the same way, Ludwig 14th and then in 1752, France Stephen I created the world’s first Ju Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna which can still be seen today.
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But the reason for doing so at that time was not conservation of animals. This concept is of modern zoo, because the living areas of many animals began to decrease. More than seven billion people need food and food, and for this, forests are constantly being converted into fields and the living space of animals is decreasing.
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The main reason for their extinction is the destruction of forests and reduced living space of animals. And the rest of the damage goes to the account of climate change, more damage is done to animals living in cold regions. Many times, a human being directly becomes an enemy of the life of these animals. Rare animals are dressed in food plates in Asia Africa.In the night, when Baya sleeps on trees in Africa, only those trees are burnt so as not to cause harm. Right now the number of elephants is increasing in West Africa. And due to the temptation of drugs that increase sexual excitement, the killing of rhinos can stop only when they are able to take care of their arms.

Animal protection

Overall, there is only one way to preserve and save these animals and that is the Zoo or National Wildlife Park. But critics say that here too, there is no animal protection, but atrocities with them. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization set up to protect animals, had demanded German Economy Minister Ilse Eigener that the tiger should not be kept in a cage.

Peta’s employee, Petar Hoafkan, says that if a tiger has the possibility to attack or escape a human, he does so. Hoafkan says that the frequent exit of chimps or giraffes proves that animals want to go out. For them, the zoo means a very high security prison.


Frankfurt Zoological Garden director Manfred Nikisch also believes that the animals that live in the zoo are ultimately wild. A wild animal is always wild, even if it is kept in a zoo. Whether it is a turtle or a tiger, now they are kept according to their lifestyle. Along with the improvement in veterinary medicine, animals are being given different attention. Today animals are kept according to their environment. Not in closed small cages.

He often lives more often due to good cleanliness and attention. Two-thirds of the Siberian tiger species are found in tiger reserves or zoos. Many times these tigers are then released into the forest to increase their numbers. This is a successful policy that has benefited many species. Whether it is deer from North Africa, South American monkeys that resemble lions, or special vultures found in Central or South Europe, their numbers could not have increased without sanctuary.
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According to Human

About 130 expeditions are going on in zoos under which efforts are being made to increase the number of endangered species. However, the danger is not less in this also. An example of this was seen in Malawi. Lions were brought from Mosambique to the national park there. However, the Rangers were trained like soldiers to protect themselves and they kept a constant watch on these lions.

But he could not stop the poachers from killing these lions. He was killed for Singh’s claws. So that the zoo can become a place to protect animals, it is very important that animals be allowed to live in their area.(Animal protection)
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Animal protection

The number of people visiting zoos is very high. If these people also learn to understand animals, then they will understand that animals need to live in the forest. Even though zoos may not work to protect and increase the number of animals, but humans can be explained about the world of animals. Along with this, many scientific facts are also known from them.

Fresh new facts about animals are also changing the zoos. Now fewer animals are being kept in more space. In modern zoos, animals are kept in places like their natural habitat. However, not all animals get much benefit from it.(Animal protection)

For example, dolphins or fish are not kept properly in the aquarium of the Zoo. And it is often difficult to increase the number of many sea creatures or fish in the aquariums.
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