America:China wants to take commercial profit in epidemic


Washington: China, which is facing allegations of spreading the corona virus in the world, is now being suspected of taking commercial advantage from this epidemic. On the business case, President of America Donald Trump’s advisor Peter Navarro has alleged that China is not releasing the data of early stages of the transition as it wants to advance in the business race by creating a vaccine.
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He also claimed that China had stocked masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) 18 times in January and February to take advantage of the crisis. Now he is selling these medical goods at high prices. Due to this hoarding of China, Europe, India, Brazil and other countries do not have enough reserves of personal protective equipment.

Trump( America ) has also accused China of neither showing transparency nor cooperating in dealing with the virus in the initial stages. He also warned that if China was found responsible for deliberately spreading Corona, it would have to bear the consequences. According to US officials, the United States, which is the world’s most prone to corona epidemic, has many times sought to share early-stage data with China. This dangerous virus has spread all over the world from Wuhan city of China.
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Navarro said in an interview to Fox Business on Monday, “One of the reasons may be that they are competing to make the vaccine and they are just looking at it as a competitive business race so that the whole world To sell the vaccine. It may be that they are not giving us the initial data about this virus. But in this race we are going to beat him under the leadership of President Trump. Trump, who is considered an outspoken critic of China, has been tasked with the Corona epidemic supply operations.

Trump’s adviser, Navarro, also claimed, “China has created a host of personal protective equipment around the world, along with hiding the virus.” I have evidence from the Custom Duty Union of the Government of China. This shows that in January and February, they bought 18 times more protective equipment. These alone had more than two billion masks. ‘
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Since the onset of the corona epidemic, China has so far approved clinical trials on three experimental vaccine humans. The America Department of Health’s Biomedical Advance Research reported last month that there are plans to support a possible five or six experimental vaccines.

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