Amazing secrets of solar Energy

Girl in beautiful sun light

Amazing secrets related to solar energy :- The Sun is the biggest force in our solar system, a huge furnace of thermos nuclear explosions that contains terrible explosions of solar energy every moment and the amount of energy that Mount Everest exerts from the sun every second into space. Even though the number of stars in the universe is in crores and billions, you are the sun that rules over our bravery system.

A massive fire flame made of hydrogen and helium and in which plasma material boils at millions of degrees of temperature. There are terrible explosions on the surface of the Sun all the time, from which heat and radiation spread far into the eyes in space. Our Sun falls into the yellow star category due to the yellow color and small size of its surface. But the smaller size of the Sun is only smaller than the other stars of the universe, but there is no one above it in our noise system.

Girl in beautiful sun light

More than 99% of our solar system is present only in the sun and less than 1% of the rest of the solar system is made up. The Sun is so vast that it can contain millions of Earths. The Sun is the single largest star in our solar system, which is surrounded by many planets, moon, small bodies and meteors. It is a huge reservoir of both heat and energy. The surface temperature of which is about 5000 degree Celsius and which produces 38 thousand billion billion MW of solar energy.How much it can be gauged from the fact that the largest power station on earth produces only 22500 MW of energy.

The Sun produces as much solar energy in just 1 second as never before in human history, and billions of years have passed, shining the Sun in this way. Until a century ago, it was believed that the Sun is burning like a pile of fuel from any normal burning on Earth, in which scientists always used to think that if the Sun is burning like a pile of normal fuel, then it is still over why did not.If we look at the mass of the Sun, it should have ended by burning by now, but many years have passed after burning the Sun in this way. If we want to burn a body like this sun for so long, then we have to use several hundred trillion trees. So what is the secret behind our sun’s ending fuel?

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In 1920, the mystery of the Sun also arose from this mystery. Scientists found that behind the burning of the Sun at such a low speed, there is nuclear fusion process, on the basis of which the hydrogen bomb works. Hydrogen inside the Sun collides with one another due to too much drug at the center to give rise to new particles of hilium. The new hilium particles formed in this whole process are slightly less dens than the old hydrogen particles, and the weight lost by these particles is released as energy.

In this way every second 600 million metric tons of hydrogen inside the sun is converted into 459 million metric tons of hilium and the remaining 5 million tons of hydrogen is converted into energy during this process which is equal to one billion mega tons of hydrogen bomb. The sun burns so much energy in just 1 second. Now we know that in fact the Sun will continue to burn for many billions of years on the nuclear fusion process and scientists have been working on nuclear fusion for many decades, it is such a force that if controlled by mankind then for the next several crores of years Can create reserves of non-exhausting energy.There is a worldwide search for the control of nuclear fusion process in which the International Thermo Nuclear Experiment Reactor is the most effective. Europe China Japan Russia America and India are members of this collective search. (Amazing secrets of solar energy)

We do not know when we will be able to control nuclear fusion, but sunlight from the sun is also a never ending source of energy for us humans. Sunshine without which it is impossible to imagine life on earth, which has given life to the earth for many crores of years. It is the biggest source of energy available to us in a day. But have you ever thought that how this solar energy which gives us life reaches us, a very interesting story is hidden behind the arrival of sunlight to the earth.

The energy produced in the nuclear fusion happening in the core of the Sun goes out in the form of particles of heat and light, which we also call photos. These photos have to go an extremely long way to come to Earth, which takes only 170000 years.

The Sun is so huge that it takes millions of years for the energy being produced in its centre to reach its surface, that is, the sunlight that we are taking now, it started to form 170000 years ago.

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