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Aksai Chin

Aksai Chin is about 15 percent of Jammu and Kashmir, which may have been heard by very few people before. Aksai Chin is illegally captured by China.

Aksai Chin has again come under discussion with the abolition of special status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution. Aksai Chin is about 15 percent of Jammu and Kashmir, which may have been heard by very few people before. Aksai Chin is illegally captured by China.China has always claimed that Aksai Chin is Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region. On 5 August, Home Minister Amit Shah made clear India’s stand on Aksai Chin in Parliament.

On August 28, 1959, 60 years before this Parliament, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave a statement that – “Eastern and North Eastern Ladakh is a large region without population.The mountains and even the valleys here are more than 13 thousand feet in height. Shepherds take their animals to graze here in very hot summers. There are some police checkposts in this area of ​​the Indian government, but due to the difficult terrain, most of the posts are at some distance from the international border. ‘
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In 1958 some Chinese troops entered the Indian border.

Nehru went on to say – “In October 1957 and February 1958, some Chinese troops crossed the international border and came to Khurnak Fort, located in the Indian border. The Chinese government’s attention was drawn to this and they were asked to refrain from entering our border. There is no physical graph of the boundary in these mountainous regions, but our maps are very clear in this subject.

In late July 1959 a reconnaissance team of the Indian Police was dispatched to the area. When this group was heading towards Khuranak Fort, a powerful force of China captured it in our area within a few miles of the border. This incident is on 28 July. ‘
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China has claimed that the area belongs to it

Nehru said – “China has claimed that the area belongs to her.” China has said that it will release those caught. We sent him a note expressing surprise on his claim and also gave him accurate information about the traditional international border in the sector.

There has been no response to this note. Our reconnaissance team was released on August 18. ”Three days after these statements, Nehru informed the countrymen with a very bitter truth that China had made a road through Aksai Chin.

Nehru told the Rajya Sabha – “According to an announcement made in China, the Yeshung-Garatok road, also known as the Sinkiang-Tibet Highway, was completed in September 1957.
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Aksai Chin was the biggest historical mistake of the Nehru government

Last year two reconnaissance teams were sent, one team was taken captive by the Chinese army. The other team returned and gave some information about the new road in Aksai Chin area. ‘ Aksai Chin was indeed the biggest historical mistake of the Nehru government. The mistake is that China has made a long road in the Indian territory and the Delhi government could not even find it.

The CIA had publicized millions of confidential information in 2017, in which there are many reports related to India and the Indian subcontinent.
Some reports speak of Aksai Chin. A similar A $ A report reads – ‘In October 1957, a Chinese newspaper published the report that the construction of the world’s highest highway Sinkiang – Tibet Road has been completed.
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Nehru gave information to parliament after two years

The newspaper wrote that this highway is 1979 km long and the movement of trucks has started on it. ” The government sitting in Delhi did not know anything or despite knowing it, the country was not informed about it. Nehru gave this information to the Parliament after two years.

This information was also given because on 22 April 1959, a member of Parliament said that there have been reports in many newspapers that China has claimed our 30,000 square meter area. And the map shows Aksai Chin as a Chinese territory.On the question of the MP, Nehru said – ‘Honorable Members should not pay much attention to such reports originating from Hong Kong or similar places. No such direct or indirect claim has been made on us (on the territory). ”Nehru did not take the name of Aksai Chin in his statement.
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The truth of the Indian reconnaissance party that Nehru had referred to in his statement in Parliament was that in October 1959, a team of 70 CRPF soldiers tried to cross the Lanak Pass and build a border post at Aksai Chin.

The Chinese army was stationed at the pass which took three soldiers captive. The next day, nine Indian soldiers were killed in a skirmish and seven were taken captive. It was only after these reports surfaced in the media that Nehru officially announced that Aksai Chin had been captured by China.
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Chou En Lai

In April 1960, Chinese Prime Minister Chou En Lai came to Delhi on a week-long visit. He told Nehru during the conversation that Aksai Chin has always been a part of China.

Chou En Lai said – ‘We do not impose our maps on India and we would like India not to do so. If we have to make an agreement, we both have to change the map. This will only happen if China resolves the boundary question. ”Two years after the visit of Chou En Lai, China occupied Aksai Chin and within.
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CIA Information

In 2017, the CIA of the US released more than a million reports, documents, letters, etc., or were made public. Thousands of reports related to India and the Indian subcontinent. A report dated 15 July 1953 was titled ‘Road Construction from Sinkiang to Tibet and Ladakh’. This report states that in 1952 the commandant of the Cavalry Regiment of the Chinese Army announced that a new road would be built in the area.

Location of Aksai Chin

Aksai Chin is at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level. Aksai Chin is a large salt flat desert located at an altitude of about 5,000 meters above sea level, covering an area of ​​about 37,244 square kilometers. This large area in the north eastern part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been under Chinese occupation since 1950. China has administratively made it part of the Kargilic district of the Kashgar Department of Xinjiang Province. China’s National Highway 219, which is about 2 thousand kilometers long, passes through Aksai Chin.
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Root of border dispute

The boundary dispute in India-China had its roots in 1834 only when Sikhs ruled Punjab. In 1834 he reached Ladakh but was defeated by the Chinese forces and, chasing them, captured Ladakh and Leh. A compromise was reached between the Sikhs and the Chinese in 1842, in which it was decided that the boundaries of each other would not be violated. The British defeated the Sikhs in 1846, and the British rule was established over Ladakh.

It was decided by meeting with the Chinese authorities that the border will be fixed only by natural signs and there is no need for a fence on the border. It was from here that the real border disappeared and in many lines, both countries got entangled. The first line of the outskirts on the map is the Johnson line. In 1865, William Johnson, an officer of the Survey of India, drew a mind-line according to which the area of ​​Aksai China falls in Jammu and Kashmir. But Johnson’s work was criticized. China never considered it.
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George Macartney put most of Aksai Chin in China

In 1899, China showed interest in the area of ​​Aksai Chin, so Britain suggested a change by George Macartney and put most of the area of ​​Aksai Chin in China. China silenced it, the British Raj considered it China’s consent. This line is the current Line of Actual Control. Since independence in 1947, the Government of India considered the Johnson Line as the only official border in which Aksai China was part of India.

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