9 things PM Narendra Modi suggested for Janta curfew

Janta curfew

Addressing the nation’s name, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Janta curfew, Thursday evening that people should not spread panc and do not hoard essential goods. Along with this, he said that people should not spread panic about this. The PM said that the people of the country should impose ‘Janta curfew’ on March 22. He said that on the 22nd, he should not leave the house from 7 am to 10 pm and and follow the Janta curfew. PM Modi said that elderly people especially do not leave in this situation. He said that in such a situation, when no remedy is suggested for this disease and no medicine is made, then in this situation it is necessary to protect oneself.

9 big things about PM Modi’s Janta curfew address to the nation-

1– In the last few days, there has been such an atmosphere that we are saved from the crisis. This belief that the global pandemic corona is relieved is not correct. Therefore, it is very important for every Indian to be vigilant. PM Modi said that when we asked you, the countrymen have not disappointed me. It is the strength of your blessing that we all are moving forward together towards our set goals. The efforts are also being successful.
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2-PM Modi said that today I have come to ask 130 crore Indians. I want some time to come forward. Science has not been able to suggest any definitive measures to prevent the corona epidemic, nor has there been any vaccine. In such a situation it is natural for everyone to be worried. In the countries of the world where the corona virus and its effects are being seen more, there is another point in the study that the disease has exploded after some time in these countries.

3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the name of the country on the Corona crisis that even in the First and Second World Wars, so many countries were not affected as the corona virus has caused. He said that the whole world is going through a crisis due to Corona virus and every Indian should be cautious. He said that it is wrong to believe that Corona virus will not be affected by India. In such an epidemic, ‘We can be healthy, healthy world mantra’.
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4.The number of infections of 4-Karona has increased very rapidly. However, there are some countries which have taken necessary decisions and handled the situation by isolating their people more and more, and the role of citizens has been very important in that.

5– Even in a country with 130 crore population like India, we are a country which is a progressive country, Corona’s crisis on a country like us is not common. It is wrong to assume that when there are attempts of this epidemic in large developed countries, it will have no effect in India.
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6-Today we have to take a pledge that we will avoid getting infected ourselves and save others from getting infected. In such a global pandemic, only one mantra works – We are healthy and we are healthy. In such a situation, when there is no medicine for this disease, it is necessary to avoid it.

7-Nowadays which is being termed as social distancing, in this era of corona, social distancing is most effective and necessary. It is going to play a very big role in this era.

8-If it seems that nothing will happen to you and you will keep going to the market like this and will be left from Corona, it is not right. By doing this you will do injustice to yourself and family members.
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9-Therefore, it is an appeal that for the next few weeks, as far as possible, your work can be done from your homes. Those who are associated with the hospital, are media persons, are bureaucrats, their activism is necessary. However, the rest should isolate themselves from the ceremony. PM Modi said that right now we have to give all our strength to escape from Corona. Today, whether public representatives or civil society, everyone is contributing in their own way.

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