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New Delhi: The deadly corona virus has now spread all over the world, originating from Wuhan, China. So far, 722196 cases have been reported all over the world. At the same time 33976 people have died due to this and 151766 patients have also been corrected. Meanwhile, there is also a good news that only 5 percent of its patients are still in critical condition all over the world.Locked down is important.
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After China, which has been hit by this virus, now its most patients are in America. It has 142178 patients while 2484 have died here. In the top 10 countries of the world, 97689 patients in Italy, 81470 patients in China, 80110 patients in Spain, 62435 patients in Germany, 40174 patients in France, 38309 patients in Iran, 19522 patients in Britain, Switzerland. There are 14829 patients and 10866 patients in the Netherlands.

Countries at the forefront of death cases:

Italy has the highest number of deaths due to it. So far, 10799 people have lost their lives due to this. It is followed by Spain, China, Iran, France, America, Britain. In the wake of the economic crisis in Germany, a minister there has committed suicide. Apart from this, the princess of Spain has died due to this. This is the first case of death of a member of the royal family in the world from this virus.
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Locked_down and social distancing:

However, let me tell you that the whole world is worried about it and all countries are trying to stop its spread in their own way. This is the reason that most of the countries of the world have considered it more important to save the lives of people, ignoring the economic crisis caused by it. This is the reason why most countries of the world are under complete lockdown at this time. Where they are not, they are not refusing to do so in future. But at the same time, there are three countries which in any case have refused to lockdown in the country. These countries include the United States, Brazil and Pakistan. All three have been repeatedly refusing to do so, citing the deteriorating economic situation from lockdown. Due to this attitude of the heads of these countries, there is a lot of fury among the leaders there.
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1.America: Not locked down


Talking about America, it currently has the most patients. It has also overtaken China in this matter. Even after this, President Donald Trump has refused to Locked down. He clearly states that he cannot put the country in economic crisis by locked down. Not only this, he has not taken the matter of social distancing seriously.Apart from this, he has consistently ignored the appeal of the World Health Organization and the world’s big scientists and doctors in which he has also supported the locked down. Trump says that if these people just go, then they should lock the countries of the world. They have also said that they would say so. Trump has also been opposed due to not having a Locked down in the country. Many lawmakers in the US Senate are completely in favor of the locked down.
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2.Brazil: Not locked down


Something similar is happening in Brazil. There is a fierce confrontation between President Jairo Bolsonaro and the governors of the states for enforcing the lockdown here. It can also be estimated that a few days ago the President questioned the number of deaths due to corona virus and said that they are being exaggerated. He was also accused that this is being done only to make his politics straight. Going further than this, Bolsonaro even said that some people will be killed due to this virus, they cannot Locked down and push the country’s economy on the path of ruin.

Let us tell you that Brazil comes in those poor countries of Latin America, where the gardener is in very bad condition. Not only this, there is a lot of people living below the poverty level and there is also lack of basic facilities. Apart from this, Brazil is ahead of many countries in terms of crime. So far, 4256 people have been affected by the corona virus and 136 people have died.Realizing its seriousness, a big football club here has handed over one of its stadiums to the health department to build a temporary hospital for its patients. Even after this, the President is turning his eyes seriously.
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3.Pakistan: Not locked down


Pakistan is also not doing Locked down in the entire country because it will change the economic situation there. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself said in his address to the country that if the lockdown was done in the country, people would die of starvation. He also said that he has neither the funds nor any infrastructure to fight this epidemic. In such a situation, if the lockdown is done then the situation will become so bad that it will not be possible to handle.They have also admitted that there is no proper facility in the country to check and treat travelers from Iran.

Apart from this, he also expressed concern over the poor health conditions in Balochistan. There is such a difference between Imran and Trump that Imran is constantly talking about social distancing. He has appealed to the people many times to accept this. Let us also tell you that Locked down has been implemented in Pakistan’s Sindh and Punjab. Most of its patients have come here. Many Pakistan MPs are in favor of lockdown but Imran is not in favor of it.

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