16 Easy Business Ideas With Low Investment

1. Electronic Store

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You can also open an Electronic Store by raising a little more investment. Nowadays the demand of TVs, Fridges, Kitchen Appliances has increased a lot and one can easily earn a good income by opening an electronic store. Apart from these businesses, there are many other low investment businesses as well, by which you can earn a good income quite easily and at a low cost. (business ideas).
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2. Social Media Service

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In this digital phase of today, the lives of many people are changing through the Internet. One such part of the Internet is social media, with the help of which you can do business in very little capital. Nowadays, social media is used by people for marketing their business, such as – Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Qzone, Instagram etc.

People use Facebook Page, Instagram etc. to advertise their product and service. By becoming a Social Media Servicemen, you can handle the marketing and advertisement work of many small businesses.

To do this business you will only need a mobile or computer and you need to have a little knowledge of social media. With this business you can handle Social Media Sites of more than one company. From this business, you will get income separately by all companies according to your own.(business ideas)

3. Translation Service

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If you want to earn money through Low Investment, then there are many such sites on the Internet, which run only for Language Translation. Such sites invite many people for this work that people come to their site and do translation work. For this work, many companies give 1-2 rupees to translate a word.

To do this work, you have to find only such sites on the Internet that run on Language Translation and you have to create your Id by visiting these websites.(business ideas).

4. Creche Service

Creche Service is called, in which work is done to take care of someone else’s children. This is a work in which there is no need for investment at all. In these days, in most of the urban areas, both husband and wife go on a job for earning, so this work is needed to take care of their children.

You do not need investment to do this work at all, you can give Creche Service in your home. You can get 3000-4000 rupees a month for this work. If you handle several children at Creche Service at once, you can do a lot of earning in a month.

5. Virtual Assistant

All types of Busy companies require a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is the person who prepares the schedule plan of a company (business ideas). Many companies hire Virtual Assistant, if you are willing to do this job, and you have little knowledge of Internet, then you can become a Virtual Assistant. You do not even need to go anywhere to do this work, you can manage this work on the computer in your home. For this, you just have to apply in companies that are looking for services.

6. Candle Making

Candle Making Business is a very standable business. Nowadays there is a lot of Demand of candles in the market and its Demand is not related to electricity but to Decoration. Nowadays Candle Decoration is done in big parties, festivals, weddings etc.

You can learn to make candles from the internet, if you do the best candle making, then your business can go much further. Your budget should be Rs 10000-100000 to start a Candle Making business. Initially, this business requires very little capital to do this, so you can do this business very easily.

7. Breakfast Corner Shop (Business ideas)

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Breakfast Shop Business is a very high profit business these days, which is becoming very popular. If you do business of a Breakfast Shop, then it will be a very beneficial business for you.
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Breakfast Shop Business is a high-earning business, because in this present day life, many people live outside their village and do a job, due to which they also eat food outside and there are many people who are late Due to this, we have not left for breakfast from home. In such a situation, if you start this business, then your business will run smoothly. You can open a Breakfast Shop in the budget of Rs 10000-20000. The good thing is that in this you only have to give a few hours in the morning, after noon you can do something else.

8. Incense stick Business(Business ideas)

Agarbatti business has very good options in low cost and high profit business. Incense sticks are a product that people of almost all types of religions use. If you do not know how to make incense sticks, you can learn by looking on the Internet. In the business of incense sticks, you will get a good profit at a very low cost.

9. Dry Vegetable Shop

Nowadays the demand for dry vegetables is increasing in the market, you can do business of dry vegetables at a very low cost (business ideas). Dry vegetable is found very expensive in the market, so if you do business of Dry Vegetable, then it is very profitable.

In Dry Vegetable you can sell Care, Sangri etc. Dry Vegetable in this business, if you grow and sell in your Yard or field, you can earn more profit by selling it more cheaply and with good packing.
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10. Yoga Class (Business ideas)

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If you are a fit and healthy person, and you have complete knowledge of Yoga, then you can open your Yoga class by becoming a Yoga Teacher and do good Earning. In today’s era, yoga has attracted the attention of many people, so becoming a yoga teacher is a new profession.
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You can also open a Yoga class in your house, in this you need very little investment. If you take 500 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn well.(business ideas).

11. Vehicle Wash (Business ideas)

Vehicle Wash Earning is a very easy and simple way to do it. You can open a Vehicle Washing Shop in your home. In this business, you just have to invest to buy a vehicle washing machine and if you take 80 – 100 rupees to wash a car and bike in it, then you can earn good earning in a day.

12.  Dance Classes

If you know how to dance well, you can open a dance class. You can earn well by becoming a Dance Teacher. For this, you can open a class in your home, plus you do not need much investment in this business. In this business, if you take 500 to 800 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn good money in a month.
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13. Parking

If you have a good free space, you can do this business easily. People who use their personal vehicle to go to the market or any other place, they face more problems of parking. In this case, you start the business of parking the car and also take 40-50 rupees from a customer, then you can earn good earning in a day.

14. Plant Shop (Business ideas)

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Plant Shop is also a good option in low investment business. Nowadays due to the increasing awareness of trees and plants, everyone is planting plants in their respective Yard. In such a situation, if you open a plant shop, you can earn good profit. You can also open a plant shop in your house. For this you only have to buy plants, and if you do not have space in your house, you can hire a shop. In this business, you can earn more money by making in-house delivery of plants.
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15. Pets Food Store

Nowadays, everyone keeps pets in their homes, so there is a greater need for pet food. In such a situation, you can open a Pets Food Shop, and you can do good earning. You can also open a Pets Food Store in your home, for this you will have to pay a very low cost. If you want to open a Pets Food Store, then open in an area where there is already very little Pets Food Shop.

16. DJ Sound Services (Business ideas)-

DJ Sound is very popular nowadays. Whenever there is a party or procession etc., people do DJ Hire for enjoyment. In such a situation, if you start DJ Sound Services, then it will be a small part time business for you, in which you can earn good money. To start a DJ Sound Services Business you will first need to buy DJ Tools and you will need to hire 2-3 people.
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